The Scroll of St. Perpetua

By Moe Lane (


This artifact comes from a 3rd Century Christian martyr fairly noteworthy for both piety and pithiness. The scroll acts as a Emote Talisman/6 (granting skill): however, those that use it also have to make a Will Roll to avoid speaking his or her mind - even if it might not be the brightest thing to do, objectively speaking. Those that possess the relic for too long have shown a tendency to later develop the above as a Need. It's also fairly too obviously a relic for some tastes.

Despite the origins, demons have been known to possess the relic. How it's managed to survive the last few millennia is a bit of a mystery.

Talisman/6 (Emote, grants skill) 12pt
Convenience: Can be carried +3pt
Visibility: Perception Roll -2pt
Special Limitation: Will Roll to avoid spouting off opinions. -2pt
Vulnerability: Tough +1pt
Ethereal artifact destroyed when corporeal artifact destroyed -2pt

Cost: 10pt.


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