Superior Blood, Part 1

By Manny Nepomuceno


On occasion, a Superior encased in mortal flesh can find himself beset by foes of enough strength to shed blood before they can be dealt with. Although mortal alchemists have been, so far, deprived of the taste of a Superior's blood, these are some of the conjectural effects that a mortal would experience should he... er... imbibe.

Blandine: The drinker gains the ability to dream lucidly, at least for the next 24 hours. However, he also begins to feel very, very sad. This lasts... forever.

David: The Archangel of Stone has never shed a drop of blood (his mortal vessel is, after all, made of stone). However, if he did possess blood, and if a mortal did by some improbable chance partake of it, that mortal would gain a natural protection from the elements for 24 hours...while also developing a bad case of arthritis and lockjaw for the same amount of time.

Dominic: The drinker gains the Detect Lies skill at level 2 for 24 hours, at the cost of his sense of humor.

Eli: The blood of the Archangel of Creation boosts, naturally, one's creativity in any artistic endeavor for the next 24 hours. It also produces some far-out hallucinogenic effects, although that may be due to other substances floating around in it.

Gabriel: Whosoever drinks of the blood of the Archangel of Fire shall become a prophet for the duration of 24 hours (if the drinker is already a prophet, the visions increase in clarity and frequency). For some reason, even after 24 hours in a freezer, Gabriel's blood still scalds the tongue.

Janus: The blood of the Archangel of the Wind speeds up a person's perception of time. Suddenly the world appears to be... moving... very... slowly. He also develops kleptomania.

Jean: For 24 hours, technology obeys the man who drinks of the blood of the Archangel of Lightning. Computers don't crash. VCRs program themselves. However, he wipes magnetic storage media (tapes, diskettes, hard drives) with a touch.

Jordi: The drinker becomes a lycanthrope for a full week after drinking.

Laurence: Oddly enough, Laurence's blood grants Charisma +3. It also acts like an undetectable, irresistible mating call for every creature of the appropriate persuasion in the vicinity. Unfortunately, it also inflicts the Clueless disadvantage at level 2, which will vanish along with the other effects of the blood.

Marc: The drinker gains Savoir-Faire/2 for the next 24 hours. While it lasts, though, everything he owns will seem so... tacky.

Michael: The blood of warriors flows through the veins of the Archangel of War. Anyone drinking his blood immediately goes into bloodlust (froth and drool optional). Females who imbibe the blood of Michael grow hair in interesting places.

Novalis: The blood of the Archangel of Flowers tastes like tree sap with a fruity tang. The air begins to smell fresher. The sunlight seems brighter. Flowers bloom underfoot. While these effects last, the drinker is unable to engage in violence, or eat anything at all. The only thing he will be able to keep down is water. These effects last for 24 hours, after which he will discover strange fungi growing on his body.

Yves: In a brilliant flash of insight, the secrets of the universe unfold, and everything becomes clear. The consumer is filled with a sense of peace and total acceptance, but is shocked to discover, not five seconds afterwards, that he has forgotten the experience.


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