The Ring

By Moe Lane



Such a little thing, to make so many Superiors scream.

The Ring, at first glance, is not much to look at: it's a plain gold band of metal that will easily fit on any humanoid's finger. Regular attempts to determine its composition or powers will fail: aside from that, and the fact that no force known on any of the three planes can put a dent into it (before you ask, no, not even Gabriel's Volcano), you'd never know that it was a relic at all.

The Ring is a relic, though: in fact, it's the relic. To begin with, it's not gold. It looks like gold on the corporeal plane (on the celestial plane it's blindingly bright) only because it has to look like something, and something turned out to be gold. What it actually is made up of are pure Forces. Actually, every Force ripped from an angel during the Rebellion. Every single one of them.

You see, the Symphony wasn't set up to handle that much celestial combat at the time, so it dealt with the sudden influx of Forces by mashing them together, binding them and spitting out ... The Ring.

The Ring is thus unique ... and tinged with madness and death and evil to the very core. It's literally too dense with thrumming power to analyze, and nobody on either side particularly wants to get anyone close enough to try. You see, just because the thing doesn't look insanely powerful doesn't mean that it isn't insanely powerful...

Any one who puts on The Ring will detect one effect immediately: his, her or its Forces (this includes Word-Forces, incidentally) and Characteristics double. Normal limits are thrown out the window. The user also has access to every Song known to at least one of the entities whose Forces now make up The Ring: considering that the Metratron's Forces (and some of Lucifer's, courtesy of his savaging by Michael) are in this thing, that pretty much means that the user has every Song known before the Fall at level/6. And all their Attunements. And all their Rites. And all their Distinctions.

However, they may not be able to use them right away. There are several abilities that seem close to the surface, as it were (the Songs of Light, Charm and the Corporeal Song of Entropy) are notable examples), but to use anything else the user must make an Will Roll at -20. Each successful evocation of a Song or ability gives a cumulative +1 to all future attempts to evoke that Song or ability only.

Lastly, words cannot describe the Essence capacity of something made out of millions of angelic Forces. Practically speaking, nobody has the force of will to coax more than about (10x total Forces), though. That's per day, by the way.

However, all of this comes with a price. Every week that the user wields The Ring, roll 666: on a 8 or less, the user gains one level of the Celestial Discord: Megalomania (not covered in canon, but fairly obvious; also, it's a Celestial Discord that doesn't interfere with Essence gathering) or Need: adulation (when those hit level/6, substitute your favorite Evil Overlord Discords). The user will usually also develop Paranoia. The Ring also seems to be attuned to the Word of Control (a Word never given out by Heaven or Hell): the user gains the equivalent of (2x current special Discords) Word-Forces, with special abilities and Rites to match.

The only one that got this far was Legion (how he got The Ring is a mystery: the beyond-Damned thing seems to have developed a malevolent intelligence all its own), which is one reason why Raphael was so ready to do a suicide run. The assembled Superiors didn't even try to destroy it by then (it had never worked in the past): they just severed Legion's arm at the shoulder, dumped concrete onto it, let it set, did all sorts of strange and Superior-level bindings onto the block and dumped the entire acre of land into the Volcano (the last time Belial and Gabriel were seen cooperating on anything). Anyway, presumably the Damned thing's still down there.

Presumably. After all, it is impossible to detect. Having it show up in your campaign would be...

Well, it just wouldn't be very nice of you.


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