The Trout of Truth

By Cameron McCurry


The history of this artifact can be traced back to approximately the 1940s. There are several variations on the story of its creation but they all have a common point: Eli and Dominic had a bit too much to drink and they began to brainstorm on unusual ideas.

To this day, the Archangel of Judgment refuses to comment on this artifact. Servitors of Judgment are well advised not to ask too many questions.

The Trout of Truth appears as a ten pound member of the trout family. It has a slightly rubbery texture and smell to it. It doesn't give off any sign that it is something other than a large rubber fish. But in the hands of a Servitor, Saint or Soldier of Judgment, Creation or Revelations, its power is revealed when it hits someone on the head.

Quite simply, the Trout of Truth provides (In the words of one of Litheroy's Elohim) "a keen insight to the blindingly obvious." The person, demon or angel so battered suddenly realizes a point the wielder was trying to make. For instance, it could a Servitor of the Wind that robbing the Tether to Mammon might not be a wonderful idea. An angel of Novalis may realize that a certain amount of violence would not be out of line.

But the power of the Trout of Truth isn't as overly powerful as this ability would suggest. The being struck simply connects up a chain of logic as if they had a flash of insight. It can't control behavior, just explain an alternate viewpoint with stunning clarity as long as said alternate viewpoint is not a lie. It can't be used as a weapon either; the few Malakim of Creation that tried found that the Trout turned on them and smacked them over the head a few times until they got the point.

Balseraphs and Habbalah openly loathe the Trout of Truth. A person under the sway of a Balseraph has the Trout's rating added to their Will in an effort to resist the Liar's smooth talking. Many Balseraphs have reported feeling splitting headaches when the Trout was used on someone that they had talked to.

As for Habbalah, they feel that the Trout contributes to a person's weakness by being used as a crutch. Interestingly enough, a Habbalah hit by a Trout while having its own Resonance of Emptiness feedback on it is more susceptible to being freed of its delusions, thereby becoming a new Redemption candidate.

And contrary to popular rumor, there is no such thing as a Clue Fairy that was created the same day the Trout was. Really.


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