Superior Relics: Yves

By Moe Lane


Oddly enough, the Archangel of Destiny is almost as bad as Eli is when it comes to leaving Superior-level relics lying around. Then again, maybe not: Yves is a very busy entity, and getting along in years, so it's not too surprising that he might accidentally put something down then 'forget' about it. There's an entire squad of Shepherds whose only job is to track down errant personal items of the Archangel of Destiny; whether or not they decide to try to immediately get them back, once found, is pretty much determined by circumstances. Yves' missing knickknacks have an uncanny ability of going where they're most needed...

Note that Yves will never be without an infinite number of backups to the below relics.


Yves' Glasses allow the wearer to see the 'threads that link Destiny to Destiny' (to quote one temporary holder). In other words, if a particular person's Destiny is tied in with someone else's, the wearer will be able to see that ... and, theoretically, trace the normally invisible thread that links the two. Yves does this out of unconscious habit: everyone else makes a Tracking roll. Also, wearing this relic will allow the user to 'tune in', as it were, to the Symphony itself: by paying attention to the delicate harmonies, he or she will be able to act more effectively. This is good for a +2 to Role rolls, and a -4 to any Disturbance generated.

Unfortunately, should any demon put this item on, he will find it impossible to take off ... and that the volume control on the Symphony is broken. The wild music will get louder and louder and louder until it either overcomes the demon's personal Symphony or implodes the poor unfortunate's head. The only defense against this is either lots and lots of distracting sensory input, or else complete and total sensory isolation ... but even then, at best the demon has a total of (Will x 4) weeks before the final crisis hits.

Flip-up Sun Shades

These relics pop a lot (relatively speaking): apparently, Yves is still getting used to having them. To operate, they must be over a standard pair of glasses - they'll adjust to fit - so that the wearer is seeing through them. When flipped down, the wearer is immune to all uses of a Balseraph and/or Habbalite resonance that come from a demon with a lower Will than the wearer. Add one to effective Will (on either side) for each Attunement or Distinction possessed.

Cigarette Pack of Yves

This relic always seems to be between a third and a fifth full, but never gets any emptier. Smoking one of Yves special blend of cigarettes is worth a +4 towards invoking him. Those who abuse the privilege will have to hand the relic over very quickly.

Aside from that, well, they're the best cigarettes that you'll ever smoke, and they won't have any effect on a human's health. In fact, smoking one will soothe all pain and suffering for about ten minutes or so.

Argyle Socks

Well, even Archangels have personal lives.

The Argyle Socks of Yves are imbued with the natural charisma of their owner: anyone wearing them will never fail a reaction roll involving human beings. Celestials, however, will probably raise a few eyebrows on precisely how one acquired such an item - but will react at +2 to the wearer, even then. After all, the wearer obviously has at least one powerful... friend.


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