Orbital Mind Control Lasers

By Michael Cleveland


Vapula has never been known for his self-restraint when it comes to new and psychotic ideas, but this latest one has put more than a few people on edge. A few years back, Vapula was inadvertently slipped a few role-playing games along with his daily technical journals. Everything probably would have been fine, had someone not realized the mistake and tried to remove the games from the large stack of unread magazines inside Lab 1.

After a few blind runs with cybernetics enhancements and genetic modifications, he finally stumbled onto an idea which caught his attention. The very idea of an orbital platform from which to insert Shedim into the minds of the masses had never even been contemplated, as the typical Shedite can only possess someone within a few yards of his current location, and knows better.

Vapula, however, is not a Shedite.

After several dozen costly failures with little to no results, Vapula finally came up with a solution, which fits perfectly with the ideas of the original game designers. Unlike many other Vaputech devices, the name actually fits, and it actually does what it says it does. Sort of.

The Orbital Mind Control Laser isn't actually a laser, but a background signal which piggybacks on the radio signals sent to cellular phones or pagers. When a target is identified by the satellite's controller, coordinates are sent up to the satellite and its resident Shedim, who are waiting in modified computer systems with their Shedim of Technology attunements. Once the target has been locked onto, a highly charged Song of Possession is used to inject one of the waiting Shedim into either the target, or the closest cell phone, pager or palmtop available.

Naturally, as the song is transmitted over radio waves, the targetted area is not very small. While it is quite likely that the Shedite will find its target, the disturbance of the song will be heard quite clearly and loudly for an area equal to the Shedite's forces in miles. The echoes of this will persist as though a 100 pt disturbance was caused, although they will not directly pinpoint the possessed person or object, only putting the target within 100 yrds of the center of disturbance.

Since this is quite prohibitive in terms of Essence, Vapula does not authorize its use often, but clearance for its use can be acquired relatively easily by emailing a request to the project's director. In a properly ironic twist of fate, the project director just happens to be the newly recruited Impudite who tried to remove the gaming supplies.

One can only guess who he worked for...


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