Explosives in In Nomine

by "Psychedelic Goblin"

Most explosive devices must be thrown at the target (using the Throwing skill) or be set in a location as a booby-trap or demolition device. While largely cinematic they can still inflict considera e damage, and even if the effect on characters is minimal, the GM should always ensure there is a great deal of collateral damage to the surrounding


Common Explosives (Grenades, Sticks o' TNT, etc.)

Damage 6D6. Every yard distance from the centre of the blast reduces the damage by 1D.


Home-made Explosives (created with the Chemistry skill)

Damage is a number of D6 equal to the Check Digit of the successful Chemistry roll. Every yard distance from the centre of the blast reduces the damage by 1D.


Gimme Shelter

The Protection Rating for cover indicates the number of dice damage the cover negates.

For Example: Someone in a car would only take 4D6 damage if a grenade went off within 1 yard of them (assuming it wasn't in the car, of course). A tank on the other hand (Protection 6) is all but invunerable to basic explosives.


Hit the Deck!

Characters may 'Dodge' explosions by making standard Dodge rolls to dive to the ground. The Check Digit reduces the damage taken by 1D each.

For Example: A character dives to the floor as a grenade goes off and makes their Dodge roll with a Check Digit of 5. This means they only take 1D6 damage from a few fragments.


Grenade launchers and Rocket-Propelled Grenades

The above rules remain unchanged for using GLs and RPGs but attacks made with them use the Ranged Weapon skill instead. The only real benefit is increased range

                    Power Acc Range Shots
Grenade Launcher/RPG  *    -   20     1

* Standard grenade (or incendiary grenade) damage.


Ranged Explosives

These devices are rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles and recoilless rifles, and as such their availability should be extremely tightly controlled.

The effects below are only applied to vehicles and other objects. In keeping with the cinematic feel, characters caught in the blast radius of such a device only take damage as if it was a standard xplosive device (6D6, minus 1D per yard).

They use the Ranged Weapon skill.

                        Power Acc Range Shots
RL/LAW/Recoilless Rifle  +6*   -   20     1

* Damage vs. vehicles and other objects/obstacles is: (Check Digit + Power - Protection) x 15 Hits.

For Example: Damocles the Diabolic fires his Law at an approaching small tank.

He rolls Ranged Weapons, getting a successful Check Digit of 4. He adds the +6 for a total of 10. The GM subtracts the tank's Protection Rating (6) to give a total of 4. This is multiplied by 10, so the tank takes a whopping total of 60 Hits!

It grinds to a halt, one track broken and a gaping hole in its side.


Vehicle Dodging

The GM may allow highly skilled characters driving appropriate vehicles to use their Driving/Piloting/Boating skill to try and manoeuvre a vehicle away from an explosion and thereby 'dodge' it.

This would work exactly like other dodges, reducing the Power of the explosion.

Hot as Hell!

Incendiary Devices in In Nomine

For practical purposes there are only 5 incendiary devices in In Nomine: portable flamethrowers, molotov cocktails, cans o' spray and lighters, blowtorches, and incendiary grenade

All Incendiary devices ignite any flammables they contact, and once ignited the object/target/victim continues to burn for 1D damage each round until the fire is extinguished.


Incendiary Grenades

These are thrown or used in GL and as RPGs just like normal grenades, but their rules are slightly different. They have a Blast Radius of 4yds, and the initial blast causes 6 damage on all within the radius, irrespective of distance from the centre. Everything flammable in the radius is also ignited and follows the rule above.


Molotov Cocktails

The poor man's incendiary grenade. When thrown it has a Blast Radius of 2yds, but cause no initial blast damage. Instead it merely ignites everything flammable in that radius using the standard rules.


Portable Flamethrower

A huge tank of liquid fuel and hose attachment, strapped to your back and ripe for a bullet...

Uses the Ranged Weapon skill.

                      Pow Acc Range Shots
Portable Flamethrower  *   -   10     5

* The initial blast of flame inflicts 9 damage, and ignites all flammables it hits.


Spray Can and Lighter

The poor man's flamethrower. Can only be used with a yard of the target, and only at a single target with a blast. Uses the Ranged Weapon skill.

                     Pow Acc Range Shots
Spray Can and Lighter *   -   NA    30

* The blast of flame inflicts 3 damage, and ignites flammables on the target with a roll of 1 on a D6. The blast is so small and fast that it rarely has the chance to actually ignite the flammables.



This can only be used in close combat so it counts as a melee weapon. It uses the Small Weapon skill.

           Pow Acc Shots
Blowtorch  +3  -2    *

* The Blowtorch can be a vicious weapon used close-in, but only has a 1 in 6 chance of igniting a target (unless held over certain areas...). It generally won't last longer than a single melee before it's empty.

**Flaming Feather**

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