Plastic He-Man Hollow Sword Of Doom

By Moe Lane


> Hmm - in that case, what you want is one of
> Laurence's Swords, from page 96 of LR. These have no
> point costs, being Superior Relics.

You know, I had a vicious thought along these lines earlier today. It's based on what precisely a 'sword' is. Big sharp piece of metal, right?

Well, what about bokken? Made out of wood, used for training purposes, but Miyamoto Musashi apparently swore by them as superior to katanas - and if he isn't a Sword Saint* in every sense of the term, he ought to be. I would then personally call a bokken a sword - which means that they don't have to be sharp, and don't have to be made out of metal.

Therefore, logically enough, one of those plastic He-Man hollow swords, once it was in Larry's hands, would become a plastic** He-Man hollow sword of Doom, as it would be indestructable, have a +5 to Power (no inherent Power to attacks - it's plastic - but that's still better than a battleax***) and can be squirreled away with no one the wiser. Oh, yeah, double damage to demons.

Hand that off to a Soldier and see how close he can get. Heck, have Larry visit Toys R Us for about 15 minutes. Instant demon-killing squad, anyone?****


*Somebody with more knowledge than I on the subject should do that writeup.

**My interpretation of the LR entry is that swords that Laurence picks up don't actually transform into UberDuraSteel (or whatever), just become ... more Swordy. It's funnier that way, if nothing else.

***I know what you're about to say. "Moe, it'd have a hefty minus to Power because it was cheap plastic, though." To which I would say "Ha! Cheap plastic bends and breaks. This is a Superior relic, which will do neither. I reiterate, a base Power of 5."

I'd even argue that you'd get a good Accuracy off of the thing (it's light, and fairly aerodynamic). +1 or +2 sounds about right.

****Of course, this completely violates the statement, also in LR, that Laurence gives these things out as high honors only.


You have to ask yourself, "Which is a more pleasing mental image: Laurence using this ability to reward only his most dutiful and potent of Servitors, or Laurence using this ability to arm a hundred scared humans trapped in a toy store so that they may go out and give a bunch of Calabim the surprise of their miserable lives?"

Call me nuts, but I find a certain poetic justice in the latter scenario.


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