The Halo

By Eric Bertish


The situation was grim. Both of my team's Malakim were Remnanted, the Elohite was nowhere to be found and presumed Fallen, and the Cherub was cradling the lifeless body of the soldier in his arms and whimpering in the corner. Worse, the remaining Calabite was turning his attention my way, and I was the only one left between him and, well, Gotterdammerung.

Why yes, Mother, I believe this does count as necessary violence.

Whispering a prayer to my Lord and Savior, I lifted myself up into the spirit. The Destroyer grinned, thinking a Mercurian of Flowers an easy kill, and took Celestial form as well. Perhaps he thought me an after-dinner mint following the slaughter of my teammates. His thinking changed quickly enough as I shifted my Corporeal Forces into Celestial and proceeded to, as they say, "Kick his ass to the curb."

Mother was inclined to agree with me.

Sidebar: Kee-rist, Eric! What the HELL were you thinking?

I thought it was an interesting thought exercise. I know it's terribly unbalancing; it is, quite possibly, the most munchkin thing I have ever thought up. (Aside to Moe: I have now raised the bar. Your turn.) But it seemed like a neat idea, and I wanted to put it out, well, mostly to hear everyone else complain about how godawful unbalancing and munchkiny it was, but also because I thought it possible, if not terribly likely, that some GMs might like the idea and want to experiment with it.

I couldn't decide which ruleset I liked most, so I've given you both, from [relatively] less munchkin to great. Hopefully, there's something for everyone here.

Version 1: Numinous Potens, Song

This song allows the performer to transfer Forces from one realm into another. There are three versions of this song, and each version redistributes the Forces of that realm into the other two, as the performer wishes, up to the CD and without exceeding the six-Forces-per-realm rule. Realms may not be reduced to zero Forces; likewise, realms without Forces may not be enhanced. The redistributed Forces revert to their original condition in CD minutes.

Essence Requirement: 3
Degree of Disturbance: CD + Total Forces

Version 2: The Halo, innate ability

When mortals manage to perceive a celestial form, they see a coruscating nimbus or shimmering field about the angel or demon which they call the halo. In actuality, it is the Force configuation of the celestial rendered in a manner that the human mind can somewhat comprehend. When in their native form, a celestial may re-arrange their configuation of Forces in whatever way they think is optimal for the task at hand. Thus, a Malakite with a concentration of Corporeal Forces may, by assuming Celestial Form and succeeding at a Force Rearrangement check, convert some of those Forces into Celestial to better soul-kill a demon. Such rearrangements are permanent (until the next rearrangement, of course), as this is rather like a human altering her own DNA. Again, the limitations of not exceeding the six Force maximum, and not reducing a realm to zero or increasing from zero, still apply.

Skill: Force Rearrangement
Operates off of Celestial Forces
Defaults to No F*cking Way, You Moron

This skill enables the performer to take a Force and put it into a different realm. There are different ways to handle the mechanics, depending on how difficult you want this to be, so here are some options.

1. Require a roll for every Force rearranged.
2. Require a single successful roll, but 1 Essence must be spent for the transfer.
3. Both 1 and 2.


Unfavorable Interventions should be exceedingly messy.


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