Hybrid Choirs

By Earl Wajenberg


Sometimes, a reliever just doesn't fledge... normally. If you pass the resulting angel on the Golden Streets, you'd probably take it for an unusual member of one of the seven major choirs, or a minor choir. It's neither; it's a hybrid, partaking of two choirs at once.

Hybrid choirs are very, very rare. Threefold hybrids are astronomically rare, and fourfold ones are unknown; they're probably possible, but there just haven't been enough angels created for any to crop up. There are twenty-one possible hybridizations of the seven major choirs. (There are no known hybrids partaking of Bright Lilim or Memunim. There are rumors of a Grigor-Mercurian, but it may just have been a very large Friend.) The four commonest hybrids are:

Seraph-Elohite: Looks like a tall, thin Elohite with six eyes, wings, and a serpentine tail.

Cherub-Ofanite: Looks like a Kyrio doing an Ophanite impression -- cloudy, spinning rings festooned with eyes, faces, and limbs of some animal or other.

Elohite-Mercurian: Looks like an Elohite with white wings.

Malakite-Mercurian: Looks like a human figure with wings of white with broad black borders, or the reverse.

There are actually more instances of hybrid bands than of hybrid choirs, but both are very rare. No instance of hybrid bands includes Lilim or Pachadim. Superiors appear unable to create hybrids, though of course Vapula has tried.


Hybrid celestials can use either resonance, but the effective check digit pegs at 3 unless they spend Essence to boost it. When attuned to a Word, they automatically get the attunements of both choirs.

Hybrids do not suffer choir (or band) dissonance conditions, except that half-Malakim do have one oath: not to surrender to Hell; half-Malakim appear to be fall-proof, though the sample is so small, it's hard to be confident.

On the other hand, hybrids grow more slowly; they need twice as many character points to boost attributes.


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