Sweat Glands?

By Beth McCoy


> This raises an interesting question; can celestials be differentiated from
> humans by scent?

In canon?

Celestials' sweat glands, or lack thereof, have not been mentioned explicitly -- but the is the implicit assumption that lack of them would cause startlement during autopsies, so they probably do have them.

Whether or not they function is another question entirely, since vessels have a far higher tolerance for heat and cold; a sweating celestial may be one who is sitting in an oven. Or the Superior who crafted the vessel might well decree that the sweat glands turn on at a reasonable temperature, to prevent people from wondering why someone isn't sweating who's been doing five hundred pushups.

A celestial who has not eaten (and likewise, not excreted) for a sufficent length of time might be detectable by a being with a good enough sense of smell -- there's no "What I ate for lunch" (or lunch's results) odor on the breath.


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