When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Kyriotate...

By James Walker


...and a Malakite, and a Mercurian, and an Elohite, and a - oh well, if it can be only one...

While other Relievers are being coming increasing focused, developing specific skills and honing their nature to a known goal, others dabble. There are so many options, possibilities; so much to explore. Given that the reliever has centuries to dabble, to learn in, this isn't a problem; many will search until they find what they need and then focus, becoming productive members of other choirs.

Others focus on dabbling, on learning to learn. Over the centuries these dilettantes grow increasingly more skilled until even they realise that they should fledge as Kyriotates.

A reliever in Heaven will never see a Kyriotate's ability to possess creatures. What they will see in Kyriotate carrying on a conversation with himself, or singing in harmony with himself. He'll watch as new Kyriotates develop quirky habits, becoming increasingly eccentric, as the Kyriotate acquires the distinctive personality which will protect his identity when body hopping. The reliever is unlikely to feel any real connection with the Kyriotate - he's too alien - but fascination will be common, a fascination which will make this option for fledging more tempting.

Unless the reliever is already in service to a Superior, choosing a Word to serve could be tricky. Inclined to sample everything, serving a single Word will go against lifelong habits. Fortunately, the proto-Kyriotate has a couple of options - firstly, choosing a Word which works closely with the others (e.g., The Sword or Destiny) or of choosing a Superior on a whim, making their dedication to their Superior a personality quirk. Sooner or later, the Dominion will choose, if only because they want to sample everything, and this is the only way they can sample the focused existence which the other choirs take for granted.


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