When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Malakite

By Rolland Therrien


When Relievers/Demonlings fledge into a choir/band, this "evolution" of sorts is the end result of a long period of taking in influences and reflecting upon their decision before making the leap.

When I grow up, I want to be a Malakite.

Becoming a Malakite is never an easy decision for a Reliever. While the likes of David and Laurence act like beautiful and fearsome role models, examplifying all that is noble and honorable of the Choir. But only the ones who take the role of Malakite seriously understand that the impossibly powerful honor of the Malakite serves to bind the terrifying power behind it's ebony muscles.

The original Malakim, as the story retells, were forged in the fury of the Fall, when many Angels of various choirs, full of outrage at Lucifer's crimes, raised their fists in the air and transformed into the fiersome Virtues. Most original Malakim state they felt God itself charge their previous forms with power and strength fueled by their own rightous anger; power they immediatly felt the need to bind with Oaths, so as not to lose control of themselves.

The Malakim must constantly dance the balance between Power and Honor, between Fury and Duty. A reliever who wants to join the ranks of the Virtues must learn to look beyond the "cool" fighting power of the Malakim, to look at the self-restricting strictures of the Malakite Codes of Honor.

Each Malakite works to restrict itself through various means; David, Malakite Archangel of Stone, gave the exemple by vowing never to strike first in a fight. In doing this, he forced himself never to strike in anger, but only to defend himself and others.

Thus, Relievers wanting to become Malakim are always given tests not of their power, but of their self-restraint. Like human students in martial arts movies, they are constantly impressed with the knowledge that their great power carries a greater responsibility. Of course, they're also taught that with Demons, all bets are off, but that part goes without saying.

When a Reliever finally takes his Oaths and becomes a Malakim, it is with complete understanding of the full impact of it's power, and after selecting additional Oaths to prevent misuse of it's power. This fact should be taken into consideration whenever playing a Malakite is considered.


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