When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Mercurian

By James Walker


When I grow up, I want to be an Mercurian.

Heaven is a glorious place; a majestic place; a mighty place. Imagine a reliever opening his eyes for the first time. He is in Heaven, and is full of awe and respect for what God has done. Imagine how he wanders the gleaming streets wondering what he should do, how he can contribute to this amazing place; how he sits in awe watching the pageantry of The Sword or an open session of the Seraphim Council.

And then a Mercurian sees him, smiles, and greets him by name.

The Mercurians, as "people" angels, are the most accessible choir. While humans may call them the Friends of Man, in Heaven they might well be called the Friends of All. To a newly made reliever, heaven will be a bewildering place (delightful, yes, but still bewildering) and the advice and friendship of an Intercessionist is a great boon. No matter what choir the reliever finally fledges as, the Mercurian's friendship will be remembered fondly, and if possible the friendship maintained.

A friendship with a Mercurian will teach the Reliever a great deal about their fellow angels, and about the Blessed. Whenever the Reliever needs advice, his friend will be able to explain the intricacies of relationships and politics, speeding the fledglings integration into Heaven's ranks. Small wonder that many choose to become Mercurians themselves, and help others the way they were helped, when small and weak.


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