When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Ofanite

By Cameron McCurry


When I grow up, I want to be an Ofanite!

What does it take for a Reliever to fledge into a Wheel? What is Heaven looking for when they start mulling over which Reliever is best suited for this job?

Not very much. But what they want asks a lot.

The first thing that the aspiring Ofanite must have is a love of motion. This may seem blindingly obvious, but it's more than a love of going from Point A to Point B in a straight line while ignoring Obstacles C, D, and E. They must love being constantly in motion. From the joy of flying around the Groves to zipping along the streets of the Eternal City, the Reliever should find joy in constantly having their wings moving and seeing new places QUICKLY!

*ahem* Sorry about that....The Ofanim's personalities tend to rub off on you if you hang around them long enough.

The first quality is easy enough to find in Relievers though. They are the ones who push ahead of everyone else like excitable children when an angel needs a message delivered. They are the ones who are talking so fast that people wonder if the local espresso warehouses are missing a shipment. A wise angel takes these Relievers aside and focuses their energies on doing something at all times.

The second trait that is necessary is an ability to process information just as rapidly. An Ofanite in Celestial form is impressive when it blazes across the sky but in Corporeal Form it's going to smack into walls, cars, people, telephone poles... You get the idea. A Wheel needs to be able to move fast, but they need to be aware of the world around them. They need to know if they can clear that barrier or if they should go around it. And they need to know within a heartbeat (Of course, the average Ofanite's heartbeat is around 120 beats per second which makes this even more impressive). Basically, a Reliever that wants to be a Wheel needs to be fast on his mind as well as his feet (Wings, whatever).

So when you put those two things together, you get a Reliever with boundless energy, a need to move and the ability to zip around corners with a smoothness and confidence that leave people speechless. The final tests for them are fascinating to watch as well. A Reliever is given a task of delivering a message to someone within a set time frame. Searching the usual spots proves useless and no one knows where the person is. Within a few minutes of this, something is triggered inside of the Reliever. They begin to look within themselves and then send that energy outwards. Without knowing how, they just know that the person they are looking for is..right...THERE!

By the time the Reliever makes it to the person, their bodies have begun a shift in mind and body as the Symphony opens up for them in a way that they have never really felt. And shortly thereafter, Heaven welcomes a new Ofanite into it's service.


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