When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Ofanite

By James Walker


It's a beautiful Symphony.

While other angels concern themselves with humans or each other, the Ofanim are the most elemental choir. Fire, Wind and once Water are the most powerful Words they hold. Many will express surprise that Lightning isn't held by an Ofanite, until the nature of Lightning is explained; that lightning is about balancing energies, and tends to travel by the same route every time. Ofanim deal with the primal universe, spun out of chaos by God; and they love it dearly.

While other angels discuss what they have learned by examining a human, the Ofanim revel in what they have seen; the joys of racing a sunset or hiking across a mountain range. There is so much to see and do.

But surely they have eternity to do this in? Why the rush?

No, they don't. The world is continually changing; today's sights will be gone tomorrow. True, tomorrow's sights will be gone the day after, but slower angels can witness those; the Ofanite can get the other angels to describe the changed site to him later.

It is this love of God's creation that allows the Ofanim to obey the rule not to go to Hell. Sure, after killing a Soldier of Hell, a newbie Ofanite will follow the Damned Soul back to the Gates of Hell to see what it's like; but he won't be impressed. It's so ugly and pointless. The Ofanite wants to glory in God's work, not be depressed by cheap knock-offs. he'll leave and never return - there's so much more to see.

He may, of course, keep an eye on a Child of the Grigori, waiting for the human to die a natural death, making sure they fulfill their Destiny - then he can follow that soul! Much more interesting.

So how does this relate to relievers? A reliever can follow an Ofanite's path from day one - he has feet, after all. (And wings!)

Heaven is a beautiful place, and there is much to explore. Each Cathedral is essentially limitless in size, making it a complete universe. The young reliever will soon know his way around his Superior's cathedral, and will likely become a guide, helping visiting angels and the Blessed.

As he continues wandering, he will master the geography of Heaven. He's unlikely to be used as a messenger; full Ofanim fulfil that task. He will find himself being asked to escort other people around though - the fact that the reliever travels no faster than his charge will be greatly appreciated.

As he travels Heaven, he will come to the attention of the Ofanim. Noting that they have seen him in several locations, they will recognise him as a fellow soul and question him on his travels. And be less than pleased if they don't get detailed answers.

Where is the point of going somewhere if you don't see it? Where is the point of seeing it if you don't remember it? The reliever will be sent back to the sites he has visited, with a set of questions. What was the ceiling like? Where was worn? And so on. When he returns, the reliever will be questioned again - ignoring the questions they gave him. What was the most beautiful thing there? The most fragile? The most uplifting?

Open your eyes and see!

Even by the standards of Heaven, the reliever will be expected to become incredibly Perceptive.

And then remember it!

Again, the reliever will acquire a high Precision.

The rewards for living up to the Ofanim's high standards are great - the ability to glory in God's universe; the ability to describe it, to help others to travel in it. Those relievers who also acquire a reasonable Will can expect guided tours of Blandine's March; once the reliever has met the Ofanim's standards he can run tours of Heaven for the Blessed.

It's a good life, but not always easy.

One grief that the reliever may share with his mentors is the aching desire to travel up Jacob's Ladder. This is probably the only time he'll actually get (or, to be fair, need) sympathy from the Ofanim. Born to move, to serve God, the inability to travel to God will sting.

Also, the reliever may be surprised when his mentors insist that he acquire a modicum of book learning. Part of the Ofanite resonance is the ability to research in a hurry; failure to understand this until it's actually needed could Trip the newly fledged angel.

Finally, the day comes when he Fledges. The new angel will be surrounded by Ofanim - and with good reason. This is a dangerous time for the new Wheel. He belongs to the only choir which routinely risks dissonance in Heaven. His mentors will watch him closely, ready to grant advice, to help him remove dissonance by succeeding at a failed task - even if the only way is to pump him full of essence. Still, they won't let him Trip; and success will prepare him for earth - and the Marches - and travelling to the moon, sun and stars!


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