When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Pachadite

By James Walker


It's a terrible thing, to serve Nightmares when you only possess a couple of Forces. Your daily job is to terrify beings with twice as many Forces as yourself. True, you can concentrate on children - a much more even competition. Still, demonlings of Nightmares are the only ones who will be routinely scared of humans.

it's not just the mundanes, after all. Roaming Beleth's Marches are some of the mightiest humans in Hell's service - Dreamshades who have served Beleth for hundreds or even thousands of years, rewarded well with Rites, Songs and Attunements, maybe even a Vessel. Soldiers of both sides suffer nightmares, and are drawn into Beleth's realm; Sorcerers spend most of their sleeping hours here. Saints, particularly Michael's, can take advantage of their need to sleep by using their dreamscapes as bait, and troll for infernals.

Every time the demonling enters a Dreamscape, he'll wonder if it's going to be the last thing he'll ever do - or maybe it'll be worse than death - and he doesn't have any essence because he just spent it on the Song so he could enter the Dreamscape

But there are other ways to terrify. For starters, being terrified yourself. A demonling whose in a panic because he's heard a rumour that Malakim are cruising this part of the Vale can panic all those around him, no matter how strong they are. A wise demonling will notice this, and remember. And develop this skill.

If you can't terrify your victim, why not get him to terrify himself? Before entering a Dreamscape, the demonling can modify his appearance to be a starving child or pet, with the image continually decaying over time. Even if the demonling does nothing else while in the Dreamscape, the human will be disturbed by the image, and may attempt to help the demonling. Watching the demonling 'die' and then fade away (as the Song of Dreams ends) will darken the human's thoughts and dreams - especially if they tried to help and must come to terms with their failure.

Of course, this requires an understanding of the human psyche, something these demonlings will rapidly acquire. Once they know the weak points, they will tend to eschew less subtle ways of terrifying humans, partly from pride, mostly from a knowledge of the dangers involved. Over the centuries, the demonling will make countless humans pay for his fear of them. Until he is ready to become a demon - a subtle demon, a sneaky demon, a hateful demon. Let the failures become Calabim, the psychotics become Habbalah or Balseraphs. The demonling has earned the rank of Pachadite, and humanity will rue his skill.


Alone of the Bands, Pachadim do not gain a bonus to any Songs due to their Band. Given that the Ethereal Song of Darkness gives a bonus to Nightmares, here are some variants for the other realms; The targets may resist with a Will roll, and the Songs have a duration of CD hours:

Corporeal: Known as the Song of Gloom, this variant darkens the light reflected off the target(s). The demon may affect a number of targets equal to the CD. If they fail, those who view them will perceive them as more threatening - anyone looking at a target must make a Perception roll; success allows them to see that "the lighting just doesn't suit them"; on a failure subtract the CD of the perception roll from the viewers' reaction roll.

Celestial: Known as the Song of Blindness, this variant prevents the target from recognising actions or events which contradict their current fears - although they are seen, they don't emotionally register.

Bonus: Pachadim (these variants only)
Essence required: 1
Degree of Disturbance: None


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