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Other ideas:

The Preacher-Sandman Game

"Yeh know, havin' met the good Lord face to face, I think I can honestly say he's a bit of a prick..."
-Cassidy, "Preacher #24"

God has quit ruling Heaven, and sojourned to Earth for reasons known only to Himself. Satan is likewise missing. The Celestials are now essentially in charge.

Satan Was Right

Not for the Christian crowd, unless you make it a satire. When God created humans, Satan foretold that this would be a mistake. Recent events are showing that this is true; maybe angels are spontaneously becoming Remnants after meeting some of the latest generation of mortals, or maybe Heaven and Hell and the Marches are being destroyed in the wake of an Age of Reason. Or maybe it's an Infernalist plot. A related story idea would be Hell winning the War, and Earth becoming another Hell. Another would be humanity discovering the Celestials, and warring upon both.

Elder Darkness

The PCs, while journeying through a particularly desolate stretch of the Marches, their home realm, or even Earth, come across a city beneath an ocean. Examination reveals that the city is made by a technology totally foreign to Jean and Vapula both, and that a creature more potent than an Archangel sleeps within. Talks with Yves or Kronos reveal that neither of them remember it. Soon enough, the stars are right...


The War is over. Hostages (the PCs) are exchanged, and both sides swear off journeys to Earth and the Marches. The PCs are, of course, given orders to sabotage the opposition, or perhaps they find a rogue council of Celestials who want the War back.


**Flaming Feather**

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