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Subject: IN> Some More Thoughts

Going through the Dictionary of Angels by Davidson I got a few ideas.

#1- Romeo and Juliet
An Angel and Demon fall in love (how it happened beats the he|| outta me) I was thinking a Mercurian and maybe a Lilim...

#2- The Arelim "Valiant Ones"
These are Soldiers of Heaven that were following a Servitor of Michael. Because of their devouted service (i.e. stubborn refusal to stop fighting) they were returned back to the Corporeal Realm to continue the good fight.

#3- Mammon "Demon of Greed"
Haven't thought too much about him but I'll work on him

#4- Ezra "The Eternal Scribe"
Talking about the Wandering Jew got me thinking about this biblical character....I began thinking about this scribe who has been living for a very long time recording mankind's history.

#5- Anauel "Angel of Bankers"
This is definitely a devout servant of Marc. Cherubim I would think. Once again I'll work on him later.

#6- Servants of Jordi
Heres a few Word Bounds from the Dictionary...
Manakel - Aquatic Animals
Behemiel- Tame Beasts
Thegri - Wild Beasts

Well that's about it...give me some input if you care to.


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