Will the real Elvis please stand up?

by Joanna Hart (hart1j@nectech.co.uk)

Rivet, the demon knight of mistaken identity is a balseraph & loyal servant of Kobal.

He is responsible for all the annoying, embarrassing, dangerous and amusing mistakes that people can make when they mistake one person for someone else. On the whole he satisfies himself with inspiring sitcom writers and playing with mortals, although he has successfully impersonated other demons (thus getting them into 'amusing' trouble with The Game) in the past. His great ambition, however, is to try to impersonate an angel. Not just any angel but an AA -- any AA, whichever would be most amusing.

Evidently he can't 'manifest' in a tether, although its easy for him to generate a decent disturbance in the symphony by killing a couple of mortals -- of course he needs to figure it all out very carefullly, especially as he doesn't want to get caught by any actual AAs. Now, all he needs to do is follow some angels around, figure out who their superiors are and whether he could manage the imitation. Its a drawn-out task but a dedicated trickster needs to make time for research, even dangerous research.

When he is ready, he makes his move (most likely to try to start with Eli, as its unlikely that anyone would be able to summon the original) - he is just experimenting, seeing how the angels (PCs?) react. He'll try to catch them at a time they aren't expecting, when they are tired, and try to get them to do something totally vague & pointless, just to test how good his 'disguise' is.

After this his own DP drops in on him, seeming more amused than he has been in ... well... centuries. He also has a small itsy suggestion for an improvement to the prank -- next time, the Balseraph is told, it would be far more amusing to impersonate Dominic and get the angels to take out other angels. Naturally the reason Kobal finds this amusing is that he is very much looking forwards to seeing the AA of judgement deal with Rivet when he is caught (they call it dark humour for a reason) -- he is quite happy to lose a decent servant in the cause of a minute or two of genuine amusement. He even offers to help cover his servants tracks (which he may or may not deliver on, depending on how amusing Rivet manages to be...)

Rivet is rather less keen on this but... when your DP makes an itsy suggestion, a demon has to do what a demon has to do.

**Flaming Feather**

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