Graduation Bash

By: (GR Cogman)

This adventure is set at IOU: while it could theoretically be run at some other institution of learning, you'd have to remove the ArchDean and other fun elements. It's suitable to demons, angels, or a mixed party.

**Flaming Feather**


The affair starts at IOU (Illuminati fnOrd University), at the latest graduation. The players may be there as representatives of their Superiors, or in order to see some contact, or as members of Campus Security, or as part of a demonic or angelic raiding force who are about to mistakenly assault the walls (whoops) and get shoehorned into doing the ArchDean a "little favour."

Punctuating the evening are the pranks of K.K, Lilim of Dark Humour, who may be found among the character archives. While she is not fully conversant with the plans of tonight's villains, she has picked up a few clues, and may be of some help. If the players don't kill her first.

Also scheduled is an attempt by some demons (or angels, if you're feeling vicious) to attack the walls, being under the false impression that this is really planned. (Harder to misinform angels, though.) It's a setup to distract from the main event, which is:

A mass kidnap of a dozen or so students from the graduation, by agents of Mammon and Alaemon. They intend to use them in (a) a ritual to corrupt the Mall from being a tether of Marc/Trade to being a tether of Mammon/Greed (this is the Mammon plan), and (b) in a darker ritual to assault the Tether in the IOU library, and corrupt it so that it is no longer a Tether. (This is the Alaemon plan).

The agents of Mammon believe that theirs is the primary scheme. The agents of Alaemon know theirs is the primary scheme, and they're just letting the Mammonites be targets and distractions. Diabolical fun.

Matters are complicated by the fact that among the snatched students are a couple of Children of the Grigori. The ArchDean wants them back (well, wants all the students back) asap, but would not like Certain Superiors to know precisely about the matter. It could be awkward. Distinctly. She needs, therefore, someone efficient and unobtrusive to solve this problem. Or, well, whoever's available...

**Flaming Feather**

K.K.'s Amusements

These will be running through Graduation, as and when the Lilim can stage them. Use for maximum confusion and amusement. (Yours, not theirs.) She does know that servitors of Mammon and Alaemon are planning something _big_ tonight, and can be persuaded to tell this (and to give details, if your PCs need them) via a Geas or two, or exceptional cleverness, or by threatening to give proof of her misdeeds to the ArchDean. (This will require persuading the Geased parties to testify, though, which _could_ be hard.)

a) Lucia, Seraph of Dominic, who owed K.K. a "little favour" and who was scheduled to make certain announcements, is now going to be doing so in a white latex outfit which would do credit to a Balseraph of Andrealphus.

b) Bragantus, Calabite of Belial (I think I have that correctly) and Allisa, Ofanite of Gabriel, are due to open the dance with an exhibition tango. (This cost her a couple of heavy geases, but she figures it'll be worth it.)

c) An Impudite of Andrealphus is due to spike the non-alcoholic punch with some vodka. This didn't take much geasing.

d) Others to suit.

**Flaming Feather**

The Diversion

At a suitable point in the evening, the abovementioned demons or angels will assault the outer wall, believing that they are acting on orders from their Superiors. They've been set up to fail. This will draw the attention of Campus Security in a big way.

If you like, the (captured) raiding party will be assigned the job of "finding out what's going on" by the ArchDean. There are other tools beside Geases, though Geases work very well. There is, for instance, the threat to send to Asmodeus the photos she has of them talking with Celestials. She doesn't have any photos? Somebody pass her a camera.

**Flaming Feather**

The Real Sting

During the commotion, a dozen or so students have been hauled away through the stage door, by the raiding party (a Balseraph of Alaemon, a few Djinns of his, a Habbalite to keep the students in a state of fear and confusion, an Impudite of Mammon and several Calabim). This was assisted by all the chaos in the hall at the time - it must, regretfully, be stated that Celestials and Demonics both assumed that the other party was behind it all, and a number of "unpleasant little squabbles" took place. Till the ArchDean appeared and stopped it.

After getting outside the Hall (the main university hall where the graduation was taking place) the demonic forces split: the Mammonites headed for the Mall, with several of the students, while the Alaemonites headed for the Steam Tunnels, with intent to come up under the Library, with the other students. (The Alaemonites, by sheer chance and GM fiat, got the two Children of the Grigori present.)

The Archdean is _furious_. The players, for one reason or another, are going to get the job of sorting things out: whether they're Campus Security, Geased previous attackers, staff, or merely the nearest live bodies in whom she has some confidence.

**Flaming Feather**

Probable Events

The ArchDean will rapidly identify which students are missing. Interrogation of witnesses will get the PCs to outside the Hall, and _may_ let them identify that the demonic group split up. K.K., cunning use of abilities (where appropriate), possible witnesses, and the like can help them work out what's going on. Possibly the bad guys left an agent behind to keep an eye on things. It will also be possible to trace the Mammonites' passage off Campus to the Mall: if captured/stopped, the Mammonites can be persuaded to squeal on the Alaemonites.

Of the two parties, the Alaemonites are the more serious threat. (At least, the ArchDean will consider them so, especially considering that they have the C of the G with them.) Their ritual needs performing at dawn, and will involve sacrificing the kidnapped students, and then doing their best to burn down the library. While the ArchDean _will_ spot them at this point, it would be more fun if the PCs can trace them earlier.

**Flaming Feather**


This is a chance to dump plenty of your favourite NPCs around the place. It's unlikely that Superiors will be present (though if they are, that's probably why the ArchDean is busy: keeping them out of the way).

It might make a good LARP or Con adventure, given the set time frame and enclosed space.

Many thanks to K.K. (and her alternate identity the Archangel Beth) whose writing of IOU inspired this, and who helped me work out details.

Opinions, as ever, welcome.


Maya, Elohim of Eli in service to Blandine

**Flaming Feather**

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