Dr. Angel and Mr. Habb

By Douglas Muir (douglas.muir@yale.edu)


Falling and Redemption. Redemption and Falling. You think Vapula hasn't been looking into this? If you could control either of these, the War would be more or less over.

(Free Will? An illusion. An interestingly complex illusion, but in the end it's all reactions. Once our model is sufficiently nuanced...)

Okay, so far the results haven't been spectacular. Attempts to induce Falling (in captive angels) have simply resulted in the obliteration of the angel. Attempts to induce redemption in demons... why, no, good officers of the Game, of course not. What a silly idea! [presses button] Certainly you can look around my laboratory. Just ignore that puddle in the corner. Smell? No, I don't smell anything.

-- But now there's been one partial breakthrough. Vap has managed to induce something like severe Multiple Personality Disorder in a Habbalite. And for a while -- up to a day or so -- the Habbbie can pass as an Elohite. Sort of.

The "good" personality believes it's an angel... an outcast angel. It's rather heavily discordant, but it can pass as an Elohite in almost every regard, even in Celestial form.

It thinks it still has the Elohite resonance; what actually happens is that it does its best to guess the subject's emotional state, then uses the Habbalite resonance to induce it. If it doesn't work, it shrugs and figures that its resonance must be malfunctioning from all the Dissonance it carries as a poor outcast...

The "angel" will seem to be pathetic; it desperately wants to get back into Heaven's favor, and will approach PCs and ask for help. Seraphim will register it as sincere; Malakim will pick up on the honor and dishonor only of the "angel" persona.

Unfortunately, the persona is only a scrim over the underlying Habbalite; it must make a Will roll every two hours or flip back. And the Habbalite persona is severely insane even by Habbalite standards; Vapula's treatment has rendered it both discordant and violently malicious... it believes that it must serve God by destroying His weakest servants, but it loathes its "good" persona.

It doesn't resemble the "good" persona one bit, though; looks different in celestial form, and uses a different vessel. And it retains all of its memories. And it's still quite intelligent and cunning.

The creature is racking up Discord like nobody's business, and it probably won't be around for long; other demons dislike and distrust it, and its Divine Interventions are very, very bad for it... someone upstairs really doesn't like this thing. But while it's around, it could do a lot of damage to a group of angelic PCs...


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