Another adventure seed for IN:WWII

By David Streeter (


Here's a weird idea for a (very mature) In Nomine game set in WWII.

Basically, the *DIABOLICALS* are trying to stop the Axis powers, and the *HOST* are trying to stop the diabolicals interfere with human history.

It could be generally known that Yves had a private chat to Laurence, and now, to most angels' horror, orders have come from above him the Nazis are not to be touched, and, worse still, any demons found aiding the allies or attempting to thwart the Axis are to be stopped.

A few archangels - Michael, perhaps David, have only few reservations about this, the rest of the archangels, particularly Novalis and Gabriel, are in almost open revolt.

In corollary on the Diabolical side, Lucifer has ordered that the diabolicals are to stop the Nazis. Even Kronos can't believe it - he has spent huge resources ensuring Hitler meets his fate. Only Asmodeus is 100% committed to carrying out Lucifer's orders.


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