London Tethers and some Plot Seeds

by: Adam Canning (Dahak@CompuServe.COM)

Just a Few Tethers and such [assuming you have at least a tourists Knowledge of London]


Lawrence : - St Pauls Cathedral
Micheal :- The Cenotaph and possibly HMS Belfast
Marc :- a certain ex-coffee shop that evolved into an insurance center.
Jordi :- The London Zoo [Until his agents can let the animals out to eat all the passers by in Regents park]
Novalis :- Kew Gardens [And for several weeks each year the Chelsea Flower Show sight] also the Royal Horticultural Society centre at Wisley [Not actually in london but within half an hours drive.]
David :- The Greek Exhibit at the British Museum [ But most of his minions hang out at the BNP's Headquaters.]
Dominique:- The High Court and The House of Lords chamber in the Palace of Westminster
Gabriel:- The column marking the bakery which burnt down London in the great fire.
Jean:- The Milenium Dome site at Greenwich. [or the Patent Offices Headquaters]
Janus:- in one of the Baggage Handling areas at Heathrow Airport.
Yves:- The British Museum Library


Vapula:- BSkyB's Headquaters
Andrealphus:- The Ann Summers Shop in Soho
Baal:- Bomber Harris's Statue. [ The Man burnt citys down more thoroughly than an atomic weapon and we put up a statue to him?]
Beleth:- Number 10 Downing Street[ certainly it seems if most of our nightmares have been coming from there.]
Malphas:- The 1922 comittee chambers in the Palace of Westminster.
Kobal:- Room 101 of Broadcasting House
Saminga:- The old Lybian Embassy building and the London Dungeon.
Asmodeus:- Wembley Stadium [But then Eric Cantana is a Soldier of Hell...]
Lilith:- Number 11 Downing Street [ Well she did this deal with Margret Thatcher...]
Haagenti: - The McD******'s burger resturant at Trafalgar Square.

Biased Neutrals

Horus :- Cleopatra's Needle
Ganesh [Hindu God of Scholarship and opening the way]:- UCL students union.
Chalchihuitlicue [Aztec rain control Godess ]:- The Thames Barrier
Detrich Bern [Master of the Wild Hunt] :- Scotland Yard
Arawn [Celtic God of the Underworld]:- Mornington Cresent Tube Station [Since that is the final destination]
Munin [Memory, one of Odins Ravens]:- The Tower of London[as long as there are ravens there england will never fall to her enemies]
Shang-Ti [ Possibly Yves in disguise] Buckingham Palace
Ao Kuang [One of the Dragon Kings of the Sea] Docklands development Board offices.
Ameratsu:- Horseguards Parade
O Kuni Nushi:- The Museum of the Moving Image
Frey:- The old Police Station in the Marble Arch
The Monkey King:- Hatrick Productions prop cupboard [ In with the Spitting Image Puppets, He may have to keep Kobal out but so what...]

Hope these thumbnails aren't too obscure; the neutrals are there just for amusement really [ though if monkey doesn't have the spitting image puppets then Kobal will definately want them]

Scenario Thumblines

The part have to aquire/destroy the Spitting Image pupet of Margret Thatycher as it has become a relic capable of breaking geases.

Litheroy contacts the party to find and leak to the press the results of the inquiry int cash for questions, which will invole getting into Malphases tether in the Palace of Westminster [you know the Houses of parliment that even some people who like to pretend they are MP's are not allowed into.]

Gabriel tasks the party with destroying Belials Tether. All they have to do is pursuade Westminster City Council [an obviously demonicly inspired organisation] to remove a statue of one of Englands war heros...

Yves hears rummors that Haagenti has found a way to francise out the creation of tethers to various would be burger flippers and thus plans to have a tether everywhere you can find the golden arches.

Valefor wants Ernest Saunder's soul [The ex chairman of Guiness] and would like you to spend some time in the city to aquire it for him for his collection of people who steal millions and get away with it. [after all it will lok perfect next to Robert Maxwells.]

Saminga has descovered that an original copy of the Atlantean Book of the dead can be found in the British Museum Library. Much mayhem ensues as various parties stuggle through the restricted stacks to find it.

Asmodeus would like you to go and dig up Karl Marx's body so that he can trade it to Saminga. This of course requires a trip to Highgate cemetry and is likely to be observed by the mundanes.which may well be the point of the request.

The party while on the run from their enemies stumble across an IRA Bomb factory in a lockup garage. No celestial connections but the tools of evil noless...

Due to having confused the Battersea Power station with a birthday cake, Haagenti sends the Loch Ness Monster up the thames to eat it..The party have to stop thia rather confused monster, servitors of Micheal will just reactivate HMS Belfast and blow it to bits but most others would prefer a little subtlety... [Well, it worked in Doctor Who]


"He looked out at the blue-green battlefield and felt pity for the angels over whom they would fight. This time, however, he would not let that stop him. Yahweh had been a good teacher, Heavan a good school. Satan Had learned." --closing text of To Reign in Hell by Steven Brust


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