New Adventure Idea (was: Fates and Destinies)

By Leath Sheales (


David Streeter wrote:

I don't know if this has been done before, but would it be worth having a list of Fates and Destinies for Servants of Jean and Kronos?

On a related note, I had an idea for a game last night. I'm not sure if anyone's tried this or not. It's just bare bones stuff, so if you like it you'll have to flesh it out.

Okay. A young servant of Kronos has fled its master's shackles and is now living life on the run (unsure of the band). It has become disillusioned with the selfish life, is full of Discord and wishes to redeem. It didn't manage to destroy its Heart before it left and is just waiting for Kronos to appear to drag it sceaming back to Hell. So far this hasn't happened and it's wondering why.

The reason? Kronos saw long ago the Fate of this servant. He was surprised but decided to work towards bringing this Fate about. The servant's Fate, the worst that could happen to it, was to redeem and become an angel. Kronos has forseen that this one servant as an angel could upset the balance of Heaven in an uncertain manner. Maybe the servant is simply such a clumsy fool it will bring great frustration to Heaven. Maybe it will rise to Archangel status and spark further division in Heaven which will give Hell the upper hand. So he's given his servant a helping hand.

Asmodeus learned of the discordant servant, but not his Fate and has dispatched agents to bring in or destroy the renegade, as usual. Kronos has dispatched servants to stop the forces of the Game at all costs without revealing who they work for.

Yves has discovered Kronos' plan and took the opportunity to see the demon's Destiny. The best thing that this demon can do is remain a servant of Hell, where he will not be very effective and will actually help the cause of humanity in his ineptness. Consequently, Yves has dispatched angels to make sure that this demon is not redeemed, but is sent back to Hell alive (a destroyed demon can not help anyone in this case).

Dominic has been contacted by Asmodeus and is working together with the Game to destroy this renegade. Yves has had to devote servants to foiling Dominic's plans as well.

The other major player in this is Michael. The discordant demon actually had the opportunity to plead to a Seraph of War about redemption, who saw the truth of his plea and reported back to Michael. Michael ordered that this demon be escorted to Heaven for redemption. Then Yves acted. Michael saw that Yves was trying to prevent a new heavenly servant and his suspicions have again been aroused. Dominic is also working against him so the Archangel of War is devoting many servants to stopping divine and infernal forces.

So where do the PCs come into this? If angelic, they could be servants of Yves trying to stop the renegade and Dominic at the same time. The could be servants of Judgement working with demons to prevent the renegade from escaping. Or they could be from an archangel who has no great stake in this but will help their allies and own agenda. Similarly, infernal PCs could work for Kronos or the Game or anyone else. Lilith probably has a stake in this as well.

Anyway, it will involve a lot of twisting and turning, but should the PCs discover why this renegade is so important, what will their reaction be? If they learn it sincerely is trying to redeem, will they go against orders and help it? This adventure could develop the politics of both heaven and hell a lot, and could really shake up the status quo of both realms.



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