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Here's a pair of Lovers for you, and some suggestions for high role-play encounters.(not really full adventure seeds... more like adventure germ-plasm)

Benon, Elohite Servitor of Sunya
Word Bound Angel of Remorse

As the angel of remorse, Benon attempts to get people to look over the improper deeds that they may have been party to, and see the error of their ways. As Socrates explained, "The unexamined life is not worth living"; for Benon, this means that no mortal should ever be without reflection, introspection, and the pledge to do better next time.

Thus, Remorse comes to represent the position in which an entity examines an action in their past that displeases them, and comes to both a more comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities, and a dedication to never repeating the transgression.

Remorse helps us understand that all things are fundamentally inter-related, and that we cannot simply go through our lives ignorant of our effect on others. Thus, Benon works under Sunya.

Originally a partner and lover of Lysania, he disagreed with Lysania's more conservative perspectives on Remorse. When the Fall came, and Lysania asked Benon to come with her, he chose instead to remain behind and stay faithful to his original purpose. While he understood Lysania's decision, and indeed shared many of her misgivings about being overly sympathetic with some mortals who always seemed to fail to learn from their mistakes, he couldn't bring himself to lose his emotional control over the issues and join the Fall.

This was the beginning of millenia of strife for Benon. His one true partner, his Love, has Fallen, and he pines for her secretly. As an Elohite he would never allow his emotions to get the better of him, but at times he has secretly felt that perhaps his Love for Lysania has occasionally caused him to be particularly vigilant regarding her efforts. At times, he has been diametrically opposed to her intentions in the world, and would have gladly seen her destroyed. At other times, however, he felt that her choice may have been the correct one, and has considered following her down into Hell.

His love for Lysania is the one thing that causes this Elohite Remorse.

Lysania, Habbalite Servitor of Malphas
Word Bound Demon of Regret

As the demon of Regret, Lysania attempts to mire mortals down under the weight of their guilt and sorrow. Regret is the result of the weak will obsessing about past indiscretions. Thus, Lysania sees her duty as weeding out non-reflective mortals who are incapable of learning from their mistakes, and making sure that they suffer for their lack of introspection and growth. Neitsche said "That which does not kill me makes me stronger". For Lysania, this means that it is her responsibility to see that mortals either learn their lessons from their mistakes, or simply quit trying altogether! While remorse may help us to avoid future mistakes, regret simply bogs us down emotionally, hampering us from ever growing from our mistakes. The weak will quit, and only the strong will perservere.

Regret keeps us isolated from all others, incapable of learning from our mistakes, and especially incapable of commiting to future actions and/or relationships. Thus, Lysania works under Malphas.

Originally, she started out as a partner and lover of Benon, but she often had misgivings about Lysania's soft-heartedness, and his inability to take a stand against those who chose not to learn from their mistakes. Lysania finally saw an opportunity to change the world in a more forthright fashion when she saw the Fall coming. When the Dark Third left Heaven's Gate forever, she followed them down in order to gain the freedom she saw as necessary to furthering her cause. As she finally let go of her emotional restraint, she saw that it was only through the test of Regret that mortals could be separated into the weak, and the strong. However, she doesn't see herself as rebelling against Heaven: instead, she is simply doing what is necessary to get the job done. Remember, she thinks of herself as an Angel, simply working with a different style than the normal angels.

She harbours a deep and confusing love for Benon. This love, over the centuries, has gone through many forms. At times, she and Benon have been mortal enemies. At other times, she has become so confused about her decision to Fall so long ago that she has almost approached Redemption. The love she harbours for Benon is the one big Regret that she carries.

These two are so similar in their respective Causes, yet the distinctions they place regarding Strength of Character are of extreme importance. As an Elohite, Benon dispassionately regards a mortal's lack of learning from his mistakes as a sign of weakness, yet would have the mortal try again until he finally comes to understand his mistakes. As a Habbalah, Lysania passionately regards a mortal's lack of learning from his mistakes as a sign of weakness, and would have the mortal suffer for that very fact. Thus, Remorse and Regret, while similar in the extreme, are distinct enough to be problematic.

It is interesting to note that the occupational focus of each of these individuals makes them particularly vulnerable to reminiscing, Doubt, and the inevitable wishful thinking about changing the past. If ANY antithetical pairing of Angel/Demon had a chance at a love affair, these two are IT!

In Spring a young Angel/Demon's fancy turns to thought of Love! Reminiscing has caused these two to begin thinking about the past again, and they've decided to do something about it. They have been meeting, secretly, in order to discuss old times, argue a little, cry a little, and generally go throught he agony or stirring up the flames of their old relationship. They've admitted their feelings for one another (or in Benon's case, admitted the undeniable connection that their two souls share), and are trying to "make a go of it" again.

Here are a couple of possible ideas regarding PC's...

1. The PCs are hired by Dominic and/or Asmodeus to investigate the Lovers. If they are found to be guilty of "fraternizing with the enemy", then the PC's may very well be given the task of destroying them.

2. The PCs are asked by Benon and/or Lysania to help cover their tracks. Both of the Lovers have decided to make a break for it, and become Outcast/Renegade. The PCs could have originally been following thread #1, and changed to thread #2.

3. Perhaps one of the lovers doesn't really want to become an Outcast/Renegade. The PCs are asked by one of the lovers to help convert the other. Thus, they could be demons trying to help Benon trip, or angels trying to redeem Lysania. Of course, such presumption, if discovered, could prove disastrous to the newfound relationship. It could even be "the straw that breaks the camel's back", and starts off a final, fatal argument. (note: this thread could be independant of the previous two, or a sub-plot of an overall scheme.)

Well... you get the point. Think "Romeo and Juliet" meets "Melrose Place" (although I don't watch the show, I'm lead to understand that the schemes and sub-plots are positively Machiavellian!)

Real Heart-breaking stuff (all puns and In Nomine references intended!)


Walk in Beauty,

Rob Wolff / Bodhi

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