Casting Call

by: maya @ (GR Cogman)

This adventure seed is primarily for demons, though the repercussions could well involve angels.

**Flaming Feather**


Nybbas has a space on his prime-time network for a new regular feature slot! Naturally, a number of his subordinates want to push their brilliant ideas to fill this slot, and are backstabbing each other with glee. Various Princes would like a film or series advantageous to themselves or disadvantageous to an enemy to go in this slot. The PCs may be servants of Nybbas, inhabitants of Shal-Mari, or poor fools who have been blackmailed, tempted, dragooned or ordered into interfering, either to help one project or to damage another.

Various Feature Projects

**Flaming Feather**

Somewhere, some of these actually got used a bit... Check out the Movie Trailers...

**Flaming Feather**

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