Plotseeds: Cats of Enigma

By Elizabeth McCoy (


Cats of Enigma

(Can be used as singletons, or a litter...)

[Another "Weird Dream Special"]

One day, a litter of kittens is born. One (or several) of them have...odd powers. They have at least one extra Force (for cats), as Kyrios will discover if they try to possess one. (Add to Ethereal first, probably, and any additional probably should be in celestial.) The GM will have to decide what Power caused the Cats of Enigma to come into being...

Some potentials:

* This is what happens when a pregnant mama-cat hangs around Eli's apartment and eats his tablescraps.

* This is a Vapulan plot.

* An Outcast of Lightning/Renegade of Technology has taught someone far more genetic engineering than is good for either of them.

* The cats are "Children of the Grigori" -- from a tomcat vessel. (Unless mamacat isn't around, in which case, who knows which parent was the culprit?)

* The cats are half-breeds with ethereal parents. Suspect Bast, perhaps trying to establish a breed of worshippers? (If they have Intelligence 2, Precision 2, they're pretty darned smart for cats... Maybe their intelligence will be additive in future generations.)

* This is some ploy of Lucifer's.

* This is some ineffable result of a Divine Intervention. Somewhere.

The kittens each have an ability (or the GM can give the same ability to all, whatever), which generally comes with drawbacks...

Selfish Healer

This little calico flirt bonds primarily with one human. (GM gets to decide who it is. A reaction roll may or may not be appropriate.) From that day on, anytime the person is hurt, the cat will strive to be with her person -- and after a few minutes of cuddling and purring, the human will be healed of all damage! While the cat and human's stored Essence is lost, it does not disturb the Symphony, nor does it seem to *require* Essence to activate this ability. (It may take a few *hours* without "enough" Essence, though. GM's whim.)

The downside is that for hours equal to healed Body Hits, the human acquires Discord-like symptoms -- usually something like Angry, Paranoia, or other rather snappy, self-centered and hostile emotions. The only being who is spared the brunt of this is the cat, who purrs constantly during this period.

Others may get paranoid about the personality shift, and think that the catling is drawing the subject down the path to selfishness. (After all, there are few things more selfish than a cat.) What they might not easily discover is that bloodtests "before" and "after" will reveal that the human's hormone system is thrown out of whack by the healing -- chemically, the brain is being told that it's enduring the PMS case from hell. (Literally? Only the GM knows for sure!) The purring of cats (*any* cats!) will sooth this somewhat, which is what keeps the little calico from being drop-kicked...

After the brain's biochemistry swings itself back to normal, the Discord-like effects fade. (For the purposes of many Band attunements, treat the temporary effects as Discord.)


A simple brown tabby, who likes to play fetch. However, what it fetches *unbidden* is sometimes very strange -- though always something a cat could carry or drag from around the house. It rarely, if ever, finds an item that nobody can figure out the origins of. ("My neighbor's garter belt!") The item usually pertains to some discussion that's going on around it, which will involve future events.

If the item is used (and the timing with which it is *presented* usually makes it crystal clear how/where the item should be used!), then the PCs will be moved favorably towards their goal -- though other people may or may not be damaged along the way. ("Why should we bring this camera with us when we talk to so&so? Oh. We can take blackmail photos of him and his secretary...") The drawback? If the item is *not* used, the goal cannot be achieved through that path! PCs develop more bad luck than they know what to do with, people they need to talk to die, etc. Talking about a different approach around the Fortuneteller will usually result in being presented with another item, though...

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