Charmed Life

By Elizabeth "Archangel Beth" McCoy (,
with additions by
tom timberlake ( and Jeff Miller (

Nasty, evil masses of celestial slime, yes, but there must be something more to these pestiliant cesspools...

After all, they were once Kyrios, and who says that they have to Fall any worse than any other demon?

**Flaming Feather**

(Probably for Angels)

Pick someone the angel-PCs know, perhaps only vaguely, perhaps a Cherub's attuned, or one with a Bright Destiny. (Heck, pick a PC with a Role, or a Soldier!)

All around this person, Things Are Going Wrong. Their priest is arrested for starting a porn ring; their father turns alcoholic; their mother goes streetwalking; their siblings turn to drugs, crime, or Microsoft...

But the person in the middle... Remains untouched, physically. No harm comes to him/her from all these people going nuts around him/her. They're even very careful to *hide* their excesses from this central person. When the person goes to apply for a job, the boss installs them in the best office, then goes out poisoning the neighbor's pets. *What* is going *on*?

Young Shedite in Love, that's what's going on. Somewhere in the morass of sadistic madness that is a Fallen Kyriotate, there's arisen a spark of emotion, of *protectiveness*, towards a human. Yet the dilimna such a creature faces! How to be near the beloved, get a chance to be close, to watch him/her, maybe to touch...without destroying this human as a Shedite must destroy all it touches?

It dares not possess the object of infatuation, knowing him/her in the most intimate way possible, because then it would have to break the mortal's will, warp the human into something lesser than what the demon so admired.

So it possesses those close to this desired person, puts the human on a pedestal, and tries to smooth his/her way through life even while it's wrenching apart the lives of those around the chosen one...

And what happens if the object of adoration gets a boy/girlfriend?

Might keep the PCs busy for a while figuring out what's going on, might not. It would certainly get problematic deciding what to *do*... (Hm. Except for the lack of body-swapping, I think this is starting to sound a little like the plot for _Phantom of the Opera_...)

It could also be twisted so that the chosen was being periodically inhabited and urged to strive for great riches/prosperity/what have you. Any who got in the person's way would be ruthlessly exploited by the Shedite... (You could do that anyway, with the first option, and have the PCs wondering if the Object Of Affection was really evil, or just having a streak of good luck while all rivals had bad...)

That's probably enough...

**Flaming Feather**

what happens with a SO? why, the hellborn so-and-so inhabits them and gets really close to the beloved while trashing the rival, turning them into a thoroughly unlovable person who ends up brokenhearted, trashheaped[?], and in jail or shot escaping custody. And so the Shedim has his/her beloved all to his/herself once more....

Well, something like that. Though if that happens *too* many times, the beloved mortal might start getting a little "down." ("I don't *start* by dating twits! But they just all seem to go nuts after I meet them. *sniffle*")

Thus, driving her to her Fate....
Kronos would love this.

**Flaming Feather**

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