Cleaning up the Town

By "Hermes Trismegistus" (

After maya suggested that someone should create a plot to throw a more positive light on our pal Dommie, I wondered whether it might be that a very straightforward situation that would cause Dominic's servants to put aside their prejudices for the common good.

**Flaming Feather**


The PCs:

should all be either servants of Dominic, or related Angels "loaned" to Dominic to assist his Servitors. So this would probably exclude servitors of Gabriel, Eli and Novalis, to name a few.

The Setting:

anywhere, anytime. I'd love to set this game in the Wild West, where the PCs are deputy Sheriffs, and the demons are the bandits living out in the desert, and the good thing about IN is that the setting isn't really set in concrete. The conflicts would be between local ranchers (with servitors of Michael leading them) and the bandits...

The Buildup:

there has been several small ripples passing through the Symphony in the last few weeks, and Dominic is getting anxious. He knows there are servitors of Michael active in the city, and he suspects that they are close to falling (or becoming Outcasts). So Dom has sent his Servitors (the PCs) in to report on happenings in town.

The Real Deal:

There are servants of Baal and Saminga working together in the town, increasing gang violence and opening up the drugs market (creating more crime and violence). Fortunately, neither of the Princes have managed to get a Demon into a position of power within the city, so they are reduced to sponsoring street crime and violence.

Why Baal is really involved in this plot is anyone's guess, but it will become clear to the PCs that he is gunning for Michael's angels as a sideline to his real agenda. The trick is to keep the PCs suspicious of Michael's servitors at first, as Baal wants it to look like they are antagonising gang rivalry between skinheads and homeboys.

The Antagonists:

Servitors of Baal and Saminga (should have about 11 forces, they are more experienced than the PCs and will not be easy to defeat). make them Word Bound (Gang War or Drug Dealing, etc) if the PCs are experienced. Servitors of Michael, who will be potential allies of the PCs, if they believe they are not the source of the problem.

It should be noted that the Servitors of Baal and Saminga will be posing as members of one of the homeboy gangs, antagonising the skinheads working for Michael.

The New Broom:

Once the PCs are in town, they will be witnesses to some of the violence, namely skinheads breaking into homes of the homies, mugging them, and one murder. There will be a confrontation between the servitors of Michael and the PCs, who should be persuaded that it is not the Michaelites behind the wars, but that they are fighting the demonics (even though they are causing their share of the disturbances). The PCs are then free to track down the servants of Baal and Saminga and attempt to deal with them as they see fit. This will require the help of the servants of Michael (and given Michael's attitude to Dom this won't be easy to get).

OK, so it's probably a violence-orientated scenario, but the servants of Dommie should side with the forces of god (even given the state of affairs between Michael and Dominic), and gives them the chance to work against Hell rather than rooting out heresy within their own ranks.

**Flaming Feather**

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