Novalis and Jordi's Cliffhanger

By Meera Barry (

No credit is being given to the quoted for purposes of protection.

>>No wonder Jordi and Novalis like each other. Their Kyrios
>>are going around being disgusting right under the nose of

[*ahem*. DISGUSTING? Well, I suppose, being angels, they simply can't leave it at being NAUGHTY. Nice, however...very nice, indeed.]

> And... ...Laurance.... <snicker> --> <ROTFL>

"As the Heavens Turn."

Jordi shows Novalis exactly what it is young buck deer like to do with trees in the spring, while they are unknowingly observed by Laurence. Laurence in a fit of jealous pique makes threats that are misinterpreted by Michael, who in an amused cross passes them on to Dominic. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Yves make a coalition intent on distracting Jean from his rivalry with Jordi long enough to sneak a special servitor of Janus out of the Heavens and into the General Hospital Tether. Blandine intervenes on Marc's behalf for the young Lilim, only to find out that she's paying off a little thing Asmodeus wants her to do. Will David find out about Gabriel's plan? Will Gabriel's hot-to-trot rendezvous with Yves ruin her relationship with Michael? Will Novalis' secret seed sprout in fertile ground? Did I mention all of the Angelic Superiors Besides The Funny-Named Litheroy? Find out next week on "As The Heavens Turn."


[Sorry. I know where I went wrong; the angel with the Word of Good Intentions seems to have Fallen.]

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Trying for the important Word of <snortchucklegiggletee-hee>.

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