Vaunt Couriers

By (GR Cogman)

A single-session piece, to be run at the rate of an Ofanite on acid. (Well, try, anyhow.)

Lead in

Either some disturbance in the Symphony - an angelically oriented call for help - or a meeting that is close enough for the players to hear a good loud car crash. The players should rush to the scene in time to find the dying vessel of an Ofanite lying trapped under a burning car.

The Ofanite, in his dying moments, presents them with a small package wrapped in brown paper, with hideously powerful wards on it. He explains that it must _on no account_ be opened, and that it needs to be taken with the utmost speed to (important local Tether / IOUniversity / Somewhere suitable). Unfortunately, it cannot be transported celestially, which was why he was playing courier.


A group of demons (that is, the celestially challenged) have got wind of this and are hunting it. They took out the Malakite that was riding shotgun for the Ofanite, and wrecked the car badly enough that it just crashed here. One of them is a Djinn, with an attunement on the box.

They are, in fact, that car/group approaching in the distance. Right now.


The rest of the scenario should involve the party trying to stay a step ahead of the pursuing swarm, and getting the object safely to its destination. As they can't move it celestially, they'll have to do so corporeally. A running car chase or fight cross-town sounds amusing. The demonic forces should be enough to make a standing battle a bad proposition: keep the players on the run.


Hopefully, arriving safely with the object. Once they get there, and inside, they'll be safe: they can leave later. They should garner some gratitude from whoever the box matters to, and possibly be remembered favourably by the Ofanim, once he gets over trauma.

What's in the Box?

It shouldn't really get opened, given the wards on it. Whatever fits your campaign or world, really. Maybe (maybe) the whole thing is the most _colossal_ decoy, and something real secret is currently happening the other side of town, while all the demons cheerfully chase the players...

Enjoy, I hope.

--Maya, Elohim of Eli in service to Blandine

**Flaming Feather**

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