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At 12:44 PM -0500 3/14/98, Andrew Frades wrote: David C. Shadle wrote:

What happens to the vessels of celestials that go celestial? Do they goto sleep, disappear, or what?

Poof. Gone. While you are Celestial your body is nowhere until you re-corporealize.


Yep. With up to 10 x Corp Forces of stuff. That's a lot of weight. Enough to carry a number of nice weapons, or a small animal or infant. Time doesn't flow for the Vessel, because otherwise your Vessels might bleed to death while you're not using them. Also means you have to keep resetting your watch every time you swap Vessels. Small price to pay for a whole bunch of new Body. Disturbance makes it a bit inconvenient, though.

Watch out, my mind's running away again. Bear with me, I'm doing this on three hours of sleep...

"Allright, here's the situation. Jaraith, Cherub of Laurence was on a mission, the details of whch even I'm not privy to. Unfortunately, things got a bit too hairy for him, and a bunch of Baal's boys decided to take him down. Things went bad from there. Near as we can tell, they ganged up on him Celestially and made him a Remnant. Backup arrived a few hours later, and they caught the Demons wating for his body to to show up again and plonk him in limbo. In the ensuing...mayhem, the Remnant Jaraith apparently manifested and ran off. But since he's a Remnant, his memories are probably useless to us. And that would pretty much be the end of it, were it not for one thing.

"Jaraith had a partner, a Familiar Reliever named Pierce, with a cat Vessel It's quite possible that Piece has the information that we need as well. Problem is, we can't find Pierce. His Heart shows he's still alive, and hasn't gone Outcast...but we can't track him by it, either. Lord knows what happened to him.

"It's possible that he's hanging around with Jaraith, but that should have given us a bee-line to them both. So our leads were null, until one of David's Ofanim, Hannah thought he spotted him in your city So what I want you to do is track Jaraith down, and see if he can lead you to Pierce, so we can get Pierce back Heavenside, and get that information."

"Jaraith has two Vessels, one male and one female. Here are pictures of both, but he's using the male one, as all signs point to that one having been his favorite, not to mention it being the one the Davidian spotted. He's probably using a name like 'Jerry' Here's a picture of Pierce's Vessel as well. Hanna will meet you out by the McDonalds at 2nd Street and Jefferson. Good luck."


Allright, what happened. Pretty much precisely what the breifing said. Pierce does have the necessary info. There's one small problem in getting it, though.

Jaraith, for whatever reason, was in the Femail Vessel, feeing from the Demons with Pierce in her arms She took a burst of automatic fire, one that nearly killed the Vessel. She swapped Vessels, taking everything she was carrying with her, including Pierce. Jaraith planned to swap back in a safer location when time allowed. Time didn't. He wound up being amubushed, and tried to call down Laurence, but the call didn't go through. After getting more crap beaten out of him, he went celestial and tried to Ascend. That didn't work either. He tried to flee into the ground, but they were on him too quickly, and that was that. The forces flew, and Jaraith became a Remnant.

The Remnant, Jerry doesn't remember anything of his Celestial existence. He doesn't even remember he has another Vessel. Pierce is with the other Vessel, frozen in time, and protected from harm. The trick is going to b finding Jerry, and figuring out what happened to Pierce. Once you've donethat, there's the matter of getting the Remnant to swap Vessels. A rather cruel way of doing that would be simplly doing massive damage to the Remnant's current Vessel, and hoping that triggers a vessel-swap...

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