The In Nomine Game Show

From: Kingsley Lintz (

} Note that this is one pitfall in allowing older PC celestials -- if they
} were around at the time of Christ, they may likely *know* some of the
} details.

Well, there's some impression that even the Archangels don't actually KNOW, so I don't see where the PCs would...{gryn} (Well, really...George Bu..I mean, Yves, had to have been young sometime, right? Maybe it was him...) Otherwise, of course, you'll still only HAVE to come up with answers if it's ever going to matter...

(Of course, now I'm picturing this harrowing adventure with Celestials from both sides seeking after some mega artifact culminating in a gameshow...Nybbas there turning the letters, of course, and Yves reading the answers. "Brown." "What color were Jesus's eyes?" "Wrong...the correct question was, `What color is Asmodeus's nose.' Heh heh." And, off in the corner, Asmodeus demanding a new host...)
{Hehe.."And now, the host REALLY with the most..."}


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