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This is a tough one for me, so I thought some of you might be able to help. In my game, my players have met a lilim who is trying to become bright. The problem is that she owes 4 more geasa. Here's the problem, I have come up with good ones for two, but the other two are gonna be a bitch. Both for me and my players. The ones I would like input on are one for Lilith herself, and the Big D, Lucifer. These need to be tricky, I have a very clever seraph of dominic playing in the group. There's no prizes for this but the satisfaction of knowing people will be enjoying your ideas.

Here's a suggestion for the Lucifer's Geas. Ideally, his should be the last, and you should give the players the impression that his will be the most difficult. Instead, Lucifer gives the Lilim a seemingly trivial task: make certain that a particular boy fails the second grade. The catch: he insists the Lilim have help from her new-found angelic friends.

This should immediately make the angels paranoid. Why is Lucifer using such a big Geas on such a simple task? What signifigance does the child have on the greater scheme of things? What evil scheme is going on in the background?

The task of making the child fail should be degrading and humiliating. The child is a particularly clever boy, and has been doing well in his work so far. You have to be *really* awful to actually flunk the second grade. The Lilim will have to seriously warp the boy to get him to fail, and probably corrupt many others in the process - including his teacher, school administrators and possibly even his parents. Satan will make it clear that altering the records isn't good enough. The boy *himself* must fail, in a way that can't be corrected by paperwork.

An angel of Destiny should be able to see that this event will destroy the boy's future. His failure in the second grade will cascade a series of event that drive him further and further down until - as an adult - he will be trapped in a meaningless, dreary life with no hope of advancement.

The truth of the situation is far more insidious. The boy has no greater signifigance. Satan simply wants the Lilim to commit one final, irredeemable act of petty evil. Ideally, he wants her angelic friends to be involved as a well. He wants them faced with the moral dilemma: is the Lilim's redemption worth the destruction of the little boy. If all goes well, not only with the Lilim fail, her angelic friends will be partially corrupted as well, ripe for the fall.

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