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By: "John Karakash - Lucent ASCC" (

A goody-two-shoes treacle seemd to flow sluggishly through [Heritage USA], and I think it was making Dorothy a little crazy. She kept tugging on my coat sleeve and whispering that we should go behind a Coke machine or in a mop closet or someplace and "pet." They must have this problem a lot at Heritage USA because all the Coke machines were right out in the middle of rooms and the mop closets were locked. We tried a stairwell, but it had a floor-to-ceiling window opening to the hotel lobby.

--P.J. O'Rourke (Holidays in Hell)

[He goes on to talk about the place was driving them crazy and tempting them into all seven of the deadly sins...] ;)

**Flaming Feather**

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