Adventure Hook: House Party

By David Wood (


Between mention of Servitors of David and this semi-obscure movie reference, my mind started down a bizarre little path connecting a number of other devil-house references, and finally it stopped at this particular address. The grounds aren't very well manicured, but it's still quite a nice property if you don't mind fixer-uppers...

This will work well with either type of Celestial group. The angelic group has the much more straightforward task, but the diabolical group's job might be considered more fun...


Through human (even mundane) acquaintances, the PCs hear of a grand old house in a secluded and very large lot. The people living in it are having some sort of difficulty, and occasionally, little Symphonic echoes can be picked up from various places if they observe it long enough.

The house does not seem to be unsafe. Nay, anyone who inspects it will notice that it is in excellent condition. But anyone who stays in there long enough will suffer some accidents and mishaps, mostly through their own carelessness.

What's more, every so often the stone statues in the garden seem to move around a little when nobody is looking.


A long time ago, a Mercurian of David Fell in that house and was very nearly destroyed by the Malakim accompanying him. ALMOST, that is. Stripped down to a handful of Ethereal and one Celestial force, the Gremlin somehow took refuge in the house, and proceeded to inhabit it. (Diabolical Intervention can't be ruled out.)

Over time, he started fixing the house. It was his job in life to see to it that houses were safe, he was continuing that venerable tradition. Only now, he was doing so at the cost (in Essence usually) of the tenants. They would suffer accidents, and while nothing would actually break in the house, the people living there would suffer.

The imp, who's shortened his name to Borax (don't ask why), has melded with the house in such a way to turn the house into a living artifact. Since he never actually made it to Hell, he does not belong to any specific band.

David's Malakim were still a little suspicious that nothing was quite resolved, so they left a Kyriotate of David, , to watch the house and try to determine what was going on.

He hasn't been able to figure out anything, but he knows that there's something wrong with the house.


The best circumstances, and by that I mean the most thrilling for the angelic characters' *players*, involves the house getting sufficient power all at once from the PCs to do something horrible for the side of Good.

So it's late afternoon, they're practically out of Essence (either from spending or having it sucked out of them), sunset is approaching (and the house gets another Essence), what do they do?

Obviously they'll have to demolish the house, as quickly as possible. Where's that Malakite of Janus when you need one? >:) They'll love you for imposing that timelock on the situation. No, really.


So here's a house inhabited by a demonling of indeterminate but growing power, in a building that could be turned into a vaguely serviceable, comfy little Tether for any Prince.

There's that pesky angel to take care of, but that's small potatoes.

And there are all the Diabolical PCs, each one serving a different Prince, and none of whom want the power to fall into another's hands.

Can you say "Elimination Round?" The things they'll do to each other in order to get the gremlin into their pocket will probably boggle the mind.


"The tingling fresh coffee which brings you exciting new cholera, mange, dropsy, the clap, hard pad, and athlete's head. From the house of Conquistador."
-Monty Python, episode 24


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