Jordi's Rage

by J. S. Cardella

Jordi's having one of his fits again.

He's sent his Servitors to Boston, Massachusetts, to a place called Cubist Pharmeceuticals. Cubist is a leader in medical research. They have perfected a new transfusion technique whereby a blood recipient can receive from different donors of several different blood types a "logical" solution. In other words, in a pinch, a patient with a rare blood type can accept temporary transfusions from many different donors, and that will keep them alive until their blood type can be acquired.

Jordi is pissed because Cubist uses a large amount of animal experimentation. The mission: free the cute fuzzy animals, burn down the building, and don't let anyone stop you from doing either one. Any animal which has been compromised (missing limbs, injected with cancer, etc.) needs to be put out of their misery as quickly and painlessly as possible. Each one will be attended to individually, to help ease the transition from here to hereafter. Simply torching the whole place and letting the diseased animals die in the blaze will generate at least one note of dissonance!

Belial also has an interest in Cubist. Actually, he's interested in Jordi's interest. He has a few agents in place who've gotten wind of the plan, and they're going to help the fire go beyond just Cubist. Boston has a repuatation for out of control fires.

So, what we have here is Jordi's plan, coupled with Belial's. Gabriel, when she learns what Belial is doing will certainly intervene, given the enmity between them. And there may be more than one Superior (Jean, for instance) who feels that Cubist's research is benefitting humans to a value far more than that of a few animals.

PC's can work for anyone. Go Joe!


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