Jordi's big move

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Jordi's next move.

Jordi has been planning a big new change in the works ever since Nybbas came to power and created an infrastructure to spread his message. Jordi wants to have dolphins and chimps declared the equals of man. This will gain Jordi great power in all three realms as newly recognized souls pour in and support Jordi. Furthermore Jordi expects it to open the door to all living things to be declared equals.

Basically Jordi hopes to succeed at this by creating a huge public advertisement campaign through the mass media, covert lobbying in the Seraphim Council, and numerous deals with other celestials. If Jordi succeeds it may become the most power archangel on the Council, but power is not what Jordi says it is after, instead it says it was equality for all living beings. If Jordi fails, however, he may lose what little political authority the Angel of Animals does have. Other Reactions:

David views this as an affront to heaven and his work helping humans along. He will probably not directly confront Jordi, especially if Jordi looks to succeed as this may tear at the solidarity of heaven.

Dominic sees this as the final straw for Jordi. Once Jordi's gamble is played out Dominic is sure to have the Angel declared apostate and attempt to throw the Kryio out of heaven. Dominic is positive that Jrodi will fail, even to the point of possibly ignore his resonance in favor of his pride.

Janus is positive such a move will shake heaven and earth to the core and is cooperating with Jordi for that reason.

Novalis is also working with Jordi since she hopes this change will end in declaring all plants as equal as well as animals. Such a change would go far to strengthen her word.

Baal does not like such a major change in the War. The Demon of Animals is not nearly as able to capitalize on this change as Jordi is. In fact the demon of animals has been undergoing "conditioning" under the watchful eye of Asmodeus for the past 300 years.

Malphas would love the change indeed. Such a schism would threaten to tear apart the heavens from the inside-out, and Malphas will go for that any day of the week.

Nybbas is largely unaware of such a plot using his media network. If he were to be made aware he would be very, very angry. Lilith has made extensive deals with Jordi to work this through. Jordi has called in all of its debts owed for the occasion and Lilith has lent the angel many Geased servitors of hers.

Other celestials not mentioned are either undecided (Archangels) or will probably be inconsequential (Demons).

Where the players come in:

It falls on the player angels to assist, largely unknowingly, Jordi in his endeavors. Between jobs the angels are introduced to a renegade djinn while the Malakim are away. The demon has a proposition to make, he accidentally attuned himself to the wrong person and has had a hard time clearing himself of the attunement. The Djinn, named Bogart, needs the angels to kill the person for him. In exchange the demon will give the angels a small, although important relic.

For all purposed the demon is telling the truth. He is attuned to the man who he wants killed and will follow through on his part of the bargain. What the angels don't know is that the man they were hired to kill is none other than Peter Eickleman, associate tape man for Nightline and an anti-conservationist. Jordi has looked into the matter and seen that Peter is the only man with the motivation and power to stop his media campaign from being aired.

Once the angels have agreed to help the Djinn (did I mention this was an important relic?) they head out to New York's Nightline studio. Sneaking in during the taping, the angel proceed to Peter's office. Once they get there the fire alarm goes off. Bogart has followed the angels to New York and has just set a fire in the basement. The players had better act quickly to dispatch Peter now.

Meanwhile, upstairs the taping of Nightline is going well as the anchorman conducts an interview via sign langue with Cookies, the world's smartest chimp and a solider of Jordi. Once the fire alarm goes off, Cookies uses the Song of Light to created the illusion of a fire in the taping room. Immediately chaos breaks out and Cookies grabs the anchorman with which he is speaking and slings him over his shoulder, heading downstairs and outside. All of this is captured on film.

Assuming Peter has been taken care off, Cookies becomes an international celebrity and is given the key to New York. The players also collect on Bogart's promise and get that McGruffin from him.

Cookies brings to the public attention the intelligence of chimps and himself advocates in interviews more research into the intelligence of apes and dolphins. Being a very public figure, Cookies now has much diabolic and heavenly forces at play around him. One of the cherubim in the group is asked by his superior to watch over Cookies.

Once the cherub attunes himself to Cookies the fun really starts. Baal has seen the impact of Jordi's move and so has Dominic. Both are sending squads into wreck Cookies. Baal ends up sending a Calabite, a Habbalite a Shedim and a Lilim. Dominic sends in a triad. Use whatever power levels and numbers feel comfortable to you, though.

Wouldn't it be fun if both Baal's crew and the triad showed up at the same time? How about if they put aside their differences to try and take care of Cookies? Sure it would. Chances are each demon and angel has multiple vessels, all different, so you can alternate between subtle manipulation of the angels and out and out attempts on Cookies' life. The angels should look forward to a harrowing chase to the nearest friendly tether, never knowing what to expect.

If the characters succeed in saving Cookies then Cookies gains even more popularity on Earth and people start to ask what makes the chimp different from them. Eventually the masses start to view chimps and dolphins as not to different from themselves and Heaven soon follows suit. Jordi wins, yeah.

If Cookies is lost then so is Jordi's cause and most of his political power. Dominic tries to have Jordi's Archangel status stripped and comes very close. The player characters have just earned the hatred of the Angel of Animals.

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