What if RPGs really were demonic?

By Guy Royse (groyse@yahoo.com)


My friend and I were discussing In Nomine the other day and he had an amusing idea for a campaign.

As many of us are probably acutely aware, role-play games, D&D in particular, were and still are consider to be highly Satanic by some.

Well, what if those people were right and RPGs actually *are* demonic. Demonic in the In Nomine sense. Maybe they're a plot by Kronos to draw people to their Fate or something. Maybe Asmodeous really is the Demon Prince of "the Game". Who knows.

The players could be Angels or Soldiers trying to discourage people from playing by promoting other activities like sports and stamp collection.

Or they could be Demons running game stores and conventions, encouraging people to play, definding their stores from Malikim, and scoffing at those who say gaming is Satanic.

I pesonally thing this idea would be good for a short humorous campaign. What a meta-joke. I think that maybe my friend is a Soldier of Dark Humor.


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