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Professor John Vincent, english professor at whatever big university is closest to the campaign, has just made a great splash in literary circles, claiming to have found two lost books of Paradise Lost. Paradise Lost was, everyone thought, first written in ten books, and then later expanded to twelve for the next publication, in order to more closely follow the format of such older epics as the Odyssey, Aeneid and Illiad. Now, when it comes to literary studies, most angels and demons, like most humans, Just Don't Care. Milton, however, is a special case. Not only is his subject matter and eventual influence on human religion important, but throughout his life he claimed that the Holy Spirit was his muse, and that Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained were both dictated, at his request, by the same Holy Spirit.

Further more, the small excerpts that have been released to the press not only mention Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, but include angels named, among other things, Dominic, Eli and Novalis. Naturally the angelic heirarchy are interested, and Yves dispatches his Servitor Benjamin, Elohite Angel of Literary Criticism, to investigate. Since Benjamin is a scholar, not a fighter, the players' characters are asked to accompany him and ward off any diabolic interferance. If the document is genuine, than Benjamin, in his Role as a publisher, will attempt to secure the publication rights.

The players meet with Benjamin, he examines the documents, declares them genuine, and insists that the angels do whatever they can to aid in publication.

Professor Vincent, meanwhile, has been negotiating with other parties, led by (as yet unnamed), Calabite Demon of Deconstruction, who's word involves wrenching any small degree of meaning out of a text. Vincent can't decide between the two prospective publishers, and the demon of Deconstruction plays dirty. Still, the players should be able to outmaneuver him, or outfight him, whichever is required. Benjamin insists that the text is published as soon a s possible.

The Text

If the players ever get a good look at the text, they will find it to be an expansion of the visions of the future Adam is granted. In this version, assorted angels appear to Adam and explain the future importance of their work and Words. It seems slightly utopian, but frighteningly accurate. This document does seem to be able to possibly promote a little, tiny increase in faith, which is a Good Thing.


The first major problem that the players need to become aware of is that the person they think is Benjamin isn't. He's a Balseraph of Kobal, who has ambushed the scholarly angel of Criticism, dealt with him quite easily, and then appropriated a very similar vessel. He is so insistent on publishing the manuscript because it's all part of a very complex prank. Within a week of the players first becoming involved, the Ethereal version of the Song of Forgery (Invented by this (also unnamed as yet) Balseraph) will wear off. The meaning and placement of the words will shift slightly, but enough to make the work and the angels within look silly and naive. The next day, the Celestial version of the song of forgery will wear off, enabling any Seraph to detect the basic untruth of the document, making the players, if they've been pushing for the publication as "Benjamin" has suggested, look foolish. Finally, the Corporeal version of the song will vanish, revealing the physical document as an obvious forgery, destroying Dr. Vincent's reputation and leading to his suicide. Servants of Kobal find that kind of thing immensely funny. Go figure.

Last note: I've made the Angel of Criticism and Demon of Deconstruction Servitors of Yves and Kronos instead of Eli and Nybbas because Destiny and Fate seem to involve themselves most heavily with books. I haven't really worked up details for the Song of Forgery yet, and probably won't. It's mostly a plot device.

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From: "Christopher Jackson" <>

I made Benjamin the angel of Literary Criticism an Elohite of Yves, if anyone who cares doesn't really remember. Someone else (I'm sorry, I've already forgotten who) suggested a seraph of Dominic.

Dominic - yes, absolutely, I'm smacking myself on my virtual forehead right now for not having thought of that. And the Demon of Deconstruction really should have been a servant of Asmodeus.

Seraph - hmmm. I'm probably letting my personal prejudices as an English major shine through here, but I'm not sure. Seraphim are attuned to truth, and literary criticism as it is nowadays is just so damned (pardon the expression) subjective. It seems to deal more with impressions than with any kind of truth. On the other hand, this is the *angel* of criticism, so I suppose he's looking for deeper truths. I think for my campaign, I'll stick with an Elohite, but it is a great suggestion.

Christopher B. Jackson (who is both surprised and pleased that someone actually read his adventure seed. Looking back, I think it has kind of a narrow focus.)


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