Play Misty For Me

by the talented (GR Cogman)

(with a little, "Oh, good idea! Write it!" encouragement from others. O;> )

This is one for all those times your players have complained about lack of attention from Superiors on either sides. It's also one for targetting on a particular player who tends to not get into the mainstream, either through character tendency or through shyness. Suitable for both Angels and Demons and others, with a bit of adjustment.

It hinges on the fact that Asmodeus is a Djinn.

Consider the recent discussion on this list. Asmodeus is as reluctantly prone to involuntary attachments as any of his Band, painful, humiliating, intense, and compulsive as they are.

Now, assume an unwilling fixation on Asmodeus' part. Given that, by the rules on Djinns it should wear off in a week or so. But, for the meantime, some poor PC has the Prince of the Game fixated on _him_.

Obsession, need, compulsion. It becomes so important to have this person in one's possession. It's not even necessarily lust in the Andrealphean sense, just the need for ownership. Mine. Mine and nobody else's, safe under my hand, in my keeping.

How can poor Asmodeus get his hands on this person ... ah. Accuse them of heresy! They're an angel: no problem. Swear blind they're an undercover demon of his that needs bringing in. Then again, if he has agents nearby, (mis)inform them that the angel has some vital info or object, and have them brought to the nearest Infernal Tether.

If the fixation actually gets taken down to Hell, unless we're playing demons, they're probably lost for good. Though if there are Renegades or Outcasts on the team, there might be potential for some kind of rescue. Suit to your players.

In the case of Celestials, it'll probably be a running attempt to avoid the forces of Asmodeus across the country till the attunement wears off (and possibly the forces of Dominic and other superiors, if Asmodeus pulled the line about them being a demonic agent).

Possible twists:

a) Try and play decoy, while your Superior uses the distraction to pull something else off. What fun.

b) Another Demon Prince gets wind of Asmodeus's latest fixation (probably a guarded secret, but these things get out) and realises that the PC is the perfect bargaining chip to get a concession off old Asmodeus. Cue a _second_ kidnapping team...

c) Would anybody really think that their sincere affection could Redeem Asmodeus? Probably not, but...

Opinions welcome, as ever.

Maya, Elohim of Eli in service to Blandine

**Flaming Feather**

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