The Loaded Mummy

by Peter Frederick

The Players are approached by Jean Miro: a renegade undead, once a favoured servitor of Saminga. In his mortal life Miro was a scientist who worked on chemical and biological weapons for the French in the years before WW1, and was lured to Darkness by an offer of eternal life. Recently Miro has discovered that his immortality was intentionally flawed and has fled Saminga's service to try and find a cure for the flaw. He now believes that to achieve full corporeal immortality he must betray to death his original "recruiter", a Lilim of Saminga, and eat the heart of her vessel. Miro knows that he can attract the attention of Saminga and his previous experience suggests that Saminga will send the Lilim who recruited him to bring him back into the fold, or ensure that no one finds out he ever tried to leave it.

Miro will offer to identify the Lilim, and any other demons or undead that Saminga sends after him, for the players if they will destroy them. Of course a still existing geas' will stop Miro from directly doing harm to any servant of Saminga. Miro also believes that eating the heart of the Lilim will make him immune to her geas' and will make it harder for Saminga to trace him, effectively breaking the chain between them by consuming the link above him. It is for individual GM's to decide how accurate Miro's beliefs are.

Options the players might consider


Miro wouldn't mind hanging around, the Players have a nice city with all the amenities that he feels are necessary for a comfortable life. Miro will agree to advise the Players from his experiences as a diabolic agent, as long as they don't pester him too much, and just wants to settle down for a long while and read philosophy and biochemistry. He is unrepentant and isn't interested in redemption since, if the players have helped him, he has achieved corporeal immortality and therefore feels he doesn't need to worry about an afterlife.

Suspicious players may feel that this is a trap, and it is, although not of Miro's making. A few years ago Miro's Lilim recruiter felt within him a deep need to betray her and decided to turn it to her advantage. After discussion with Saminga she let slip about the "flaw" in Miro's immortality. As they thought Miro fled and has gone from one place to the next turning up Renegades and minor Heavenly agents in his search for a cure for his "flawed" immortality. The Players are to be the jackpot. If they aren't dealt with directly then they will have revealed themselves and might just accept Miro into their circle, where he can later be turned against them.

If the Players do deal with Saminga's Servitors and let Miro stay in their city it is likely to attract the attention of the Demon Prince of the Game as well as the Archangel of Judgment. And eventually Miro's old Master will be back to settle the score and cash in the investment he has made in placing Miro so carefully.

Feel free to use and modify as you wish. Other Demon Princes work just as well, but I wanted to get Saminga into my campaign. Hope this lights a few ideas for everyone.

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