The Mummy

By John Karakash (


Nana Yaw Ofori wrote:

On page 193, it's presented as a disadvantage of being undead that "...should the undead vessel be destroyed, the soul is gone as well." I say this isn't a disadvantage...It's a feature.

Still, though: just how do you really know those undead souls are being destroyed?

I have a plotline that should amuse some of you. The Forces are bound to the flesh and are disbanded when the flesh is destroyed... USUALLY. Particularly powerful undead can enhance the bonds to the point that even this will not cause their Forces to disband, merely become quiescent. In other words, a special ritual of some sort is required to finally kill the thing (or blowing away all its Celestial forces).

The basic idea for the plotline is that a powerful mummy _seriously_ pissed of his superior and to avoid the wrath he had himself killed (and dismembered) in a special ritual and parts of his body were taken to remote sites. The superior couldn't find the servitor and the rumors of his 'death' were easily verified.

After quite a few years (anything from decades to centuries depending on your whim), the servants (or their descendents) are finally able to start bringing their 'god' back together again. Or perhaps it's a power-hungry minor demon or even a foolish human adventurer.

For the _really_ twisted GMs, see if you can convince a party of PC angels to do it for you! ;)


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