News Story

by J. S. Cardella

A Detroit newspaper has been on strike for 19 months. Recently, a settlement was in sight, but at the last minute, negotiations failed.

Nybbas is very concerned about the strike. His newspaper influence in the Detroit area is waning, so the power of his Word is decreasing. He has sent some of his Servitors to the newspaper, to see what they can do. So far, he has gleaned little information. But one of his own did manage to climb the ranks in the office during the last few months. So Nybbas is pulling out his Big Gun: Jordan, the best of his Balseraphs, is going to represent the newspaper at the next negotiation talks, scheduled two weeks hence. The union knows about Jordan (but not necessarily that he's a demon) and his reputation for settements. So both sides are actually breathing a little easier.

Behind the scenes: Malphas, Prince of Factions, has his agents in place on both the union and newspaper sides to cause as much dissent as possible. It was he who instigated the strike and the newspaper's stubborn holdout. His Word has been strengthened, and he wants to gain even more power. His minions are good at what they're doing. And they have succeeded so far.

The PCs have each gotten jobs at the newspaper as replacement workers, or, as the union refers to them, "scabs". The scabs have recently seen more and more violent confrontations, as the retribution of the frustrated union is lashing out with all its force. It is one of these violent encounters that pulls the PC's into the fray. You see, Malphas assigned a couple of Calabim to the union, and things have gotten a little out of control, what with the fire bombings and such. It is during one of these encounters that Jordan is injured.

Both sides now start blaming each other for the incident. This is growing into a full scale war. Which of course attracts the attention of Michael and Laurence, and maybe some of the other Princes.

The PC's may work for any Superior, and that will determine their agenda. Will they prevent a war? Will they aid it? Malphas doesn't want a war, he just wants the factions. So what will his Calabim, not to mention his other agents, do about this? How will Nybbas intervene? Stay tuned, adventurers!


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