Adventure Seed : One Cup, Two Cup...

By (GR Cogman)


One Cup, Two Cup... -------------------

This plot seed was (as people can probably guess) worked out while I was being driven mildly insane by the amount of World Cup coverage going the rounds. It's also probably not very practical unless you're in a very vigorous/cinematic campaign.


"Look." The thin man's legs bicycled as he dangled in the larger figure's grasp. "Have I ever got you into trouble before?"

"Often," one of the other figures in the shadows muttered.

"It's perfectly simple." He tried wriggling to see if it would help. "I'd already got the cup out of that big collection - don't ask where, it really wouldn't help matters, you don't want to know, trust me - and I'm *convinced* it was the Grail, or something close."

"How do you get close to the Grail?" the larger figure asked, curiously.

"Whatever." The dangling figure snorted. "But then I realised *THEY* were on my tail, and I had to ditch it fast. So I swopped it for this other cup along the way, let them see me carrying a cup, dropped the other cup off in this antiques place, and I was just going back to get the first one..."

"When we caught you," the figure in the shadows commented.

"It was all going just fine," the dangling man muttered.

"And you failed to notice that you'd picked up the *World Cup*?"

The dangling figure tried to shrug. "What can I say? It'll bring change and enthusiasm into their boring, dull, humdrum lives..."

The shake he got made his teeth click together.

"Oh, all right," he muttered. "I'll help you put it back. Well, I would do, but I'm out of time here. Dissonance. You wouldn't want me to get dissonant, would you?"

There was a snort from one of the other shadowy figures.

"Look," he said desperately, "I'll tell you where everything is. It's not as if it'd be hard, just going in there and putting it back..."


Depending on whether you want to run an angelic or demonic campaign, a Servitor of Wind (or Theft) managed to relieve a wealthy art-collector of what he believes might be the Holy Grail. He then found himself with demons (or angels) on his tail, and was forced to do a quick swap of cups, using the nearest large cup-shaped object.

Well, all right, perhaps the security on the other cup was a _little_ high, but what's life without a challenge? World Cup? He doesn't follow football.

However, he's about to have to leave the city or collect dissonance. It also happens that this is the day of the Cup Final. All the team of angels (or demons) need to do is collect the World Cup from the antiques shop where he ditched it, then sneak into the big sports stadium and swop it back for the other Cup he stole. (Is it the Grail? No. Is there something weird about it? Probably. Sort to your own campaign.) While avoiding that squad of demons (or angels) who were on his tail, and all the mortal security, and perhaps watching the Cup Final while they're at it...

(that isn't really Novalis down there screaming on the terraces in a bobble hat and scarf? Is it?)


Maya, Elohite of Eli in service to Blandine

-- "There are those who say that wizards are subject to temptations and addictions beyond the understanding of ordinary men: the addiction to shape-changing, or to meditation under the influence of certain herbs and conditions of the stars; the obsession with knowledge, and the development of power. Yet this is not so. Temptation is temptation, obsession is obsession, and choice is choice." - Isar Chelladan, Precepts of Wizardry. -- "Dog Wizard", Barbara Hambly


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