The Pleasure Principle

By Hart, Joanna (


(NB. This is intended to turn into quite a political scenario, with angels and agents of vying superiors trying to influence the seraphim council)


Laurence is deeply upset at finding out the incursions that lust is making after several incidents (highly publicised) of priests being involved in sex scandals. His mercurians report that it seems to be an image problem. Celibacy and chastity simply aren't 'sexy'. He decides this must be changed and gives Elaine (Angel of Chastity) carte blanche to do whatever needs to be done as a high priority.

The two main movers and shakers are Elaine and Ochas (who is a friend of hers), Elohite of Judgement. Ochas has a role in TV and has undertaken to encourage some of his acquaintances to help out. Elaine's goal is to promote chastity and celibacy as being trendy to young people, and Ochas wants to find ways to prevent angels from making themselves vulnerable to the temptations of lust. He has spent a lot of time compiling evidence for his superior on how dangerous lust is to angels. When he gives this to Dominic, the reaction is immediate -- the archangel of judgement decides that the misdemeanor of corporeal sex for angels must get bumped right up the severity list! Suddenly it becomes an actual punishable offence for angels of creation to perform their rite...

Their main opponent on the demonic side (after Andre has stopped laughing and decided that this needs to be nipped in the bud) is Zinnia, Demon of Sex on Film.

Avenues which Elaine and Ochas will explore:

1.; The celibacy crusade. Celibacy must be seen as a valid lifestyle choice, and to appeal to the young she needs to make it seem the trendy thing to do. Angels must rustle up some media celebrities who can 'come out' about being celibate. Famous models must give huge exclusives about how they have never cheated on their husbands/ wives, or never had sex before marriage. People must write catchy songs about the joys of abstinance and platonic friendships. Ochas knows a few angels of creation (although 'friends' might be the wrong word), and is not above engaging in a little subtle blackmail to persuade them that judgement might be prepared to turn a blind eye if they were to show willing with this. He also will contact local angels of trade to help out with financing some of these plans.

2. Another spearhead for the campaign is to create a really popular TV show which stars some characters who are celibate, either through being in the priesthood or just deciding that they hadn't met the right person yet. They scored a great success with 'Father Ted' but are considering trying to follow up with a 'Friends' style show based around some young, trendy priests. This was actually the idea of one of the mercurians of creation (in service to flowers) who had been thinking about it anyway but is using the chastity crusade as an excuse to try to get some funding and support from 'heavenly sources.' He isn't totally averse to the idea of the casting couch, but will get into trouble if Ochas & Elaine find that part out.

3. Family Planning. What Elaine would really like to do is make it more difficult to obtain contraceptives or abortions if you are not already married. (this is the part which Novalis and Janus will object to (Eli probably should but since he can't be bothered to show up it is difficult to say)). She is considering trying to push this on political fronts and has some support from angels of Stone who are willing to work with high profile pressure groups. They like pressure groups anyway, and it doesn't matter to them if the proposed legislation is successful as long as people stand up for what they believe in and join forces with other like-minded mortals. So of course, there may be other Stone angels supporting opposite-minded groups. They'll get together in private and agree that the result is almost entirely unimportant.

4. Slay lust demons. The malakim of the sword are especially keen on this part. (This is where Andre begins to take things personally -- up to this point he doesn't care. He is confident that lust is so much a part of human nature that no silly publicity campaign can have much of an impact). Malakim of fire may be drafted in to 'help.' The angels will also be attacking lust tethers by trying to push a morality campaign through local politics (and hopefully get brothels raided, or even closed down)

5. Disease. Elaine has considered the possibility of inducing some outbreaks of STDs to generate more publicity for the notion that celibacy is good for you but has rejected the idea as: