Pulp Scripture

By: "Kurt White" <doombu@msn.com>

Anyway, the seed I came up with sitting in front of the TV, rotting my brain with Reservoir Dogs:

PULP SCRIPTURE (cue Dick Dale guitar music)

NOTE: This has elements from Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, and From Dusk Till Dawn all cobbled together. I recommend using some of the postings on how to beef up combat, as this should be a 'demons with guns' game. Don't take it seriously, cause the game will suck.

Vic Vegas (Djinn) and Julius Marlboro (Habbalah), are demonic gangsters working for the Demon of Drugs, Marcus. They are supposed to be escorting a black suitcase carrying Marcus' lost heart to the Drug lord, when it is stolen from its pickup site by Chris Silverfish, a Soldier of Elvis.

Marcus has hooked up with a Free Lilim, and is tearing across the US. Unfortunately, Vic is attuned to Chris, and they are slowly but surely tracking him down.

Meanwhile, Harvey "the Wolf" White, a Baron of Asmodeus, has been called in to take out the two gangsters , who are causing too much disturbance in their chase.


Shem Lizard: Bank robber and kidnapper, he is being chased north from Mexico by a band of enraged vampires, he could be persuaded to help the PCs, or he may not. The choice is his (GMs).

Don R. Kebab: Mafia boss, and interested in the Heart of Marcus. No one knows why, but he probably works for a rival Demon.

Those two morons who try to hold up the cafe in Pulp Fiction (Tim Roth and the ugly chick): throw them in so that the PCs can waste them.

Malakim or servants of Dominic also would be cool as hindrances to the PCs. Probably best to use established PCs/NPCs and bring them in when the chase comes barrelling through their home turf... causing lots of nice disturbances through collateral damage, armed holdups, or whatever mayhem the PCs want to cause.


The PCs should be created a Servitors of Haagenti, I have only listed two as that is the size I was thinking of running this at, but possibly Shem Lizard could be used as a PC too. I have not included and stats for the Demon of Drugs, but he has given one rite to his gangsters: Regain one Essence any time they can shoot up pure heroin, nothing cut. This should be hard enough to come by from most of the scum dealers which should abound in this scenario. If you need more PCs, add more gangster type characters, or related scum.


Waste things, fill stuff full of holes, roleplay bad drug trips, waste more things...

Actually, I wanted to add a really groovy subplot about what happens if a celestial's Heart is stolen, and the power over a cellie this can grant to the owner. But this depends on whether the PCs want to rebel and try and put one over their master. Chances are with the people I game with, they'll be more interested in a "see who can create the biggest disturbance, using only a dwarf, a plank of wood, and a suspension spring." They're REALLY weird. But I wouldn't mind adapting the concept for a more serious game about servitors chasing up a demon's heart, or even angels trying to stop the demons recovering it...

the PCs really should just burn around the countryside, chasing down the Soldier and the Lilim, eventually catch up to them, recover the heart however they see fit, and "return to HQ."

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any ideas, new NPCs, any subplots??
Please send them to me
-Kurt doombu@msn.com


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