The Appliance of Science

by: (GR Cogman)

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**Flaming Feather**


This scenario really needs angels as PCs, and a largish city to take place in, with both Jean and Vapula trying to establish a presence/Tether but not as yet having quite done so.


In the local city, Thierry, a Malakite of Jean (possibly already known to the PCs) shows up at a demonstration of new alternative technology (I like the idea of some recycling or water-purifying demo) and causes it to fail, in a way that humiliates the providers and discredits the technology. If caught and questioned by PCs, he will explain that he is acting on the orders of Devon, a new Seraph of Jean just arrived in town and his new direct line boss. He does not appear a totally happy or content Malakite.

What's Really Happening

Devon is not who he is supposed to be: he is in fact a Balseraph of Kobal (possibly the character Rivet from the INC Archives) impersonating the real Devon, who is a captive of Vapulaic agents. There was a recent Falling among Jean's Servitors, which let the Vapulans find out that a new and as-yet-unknown Seraph was due to join Jean's team. They took advantage of this.

Devon flew in from a nearby city as scheduled, arriving safely at the airport, and hailed the nearest taxi. Unfortunately, it was one rigged up by the Vapula-Servitors to gas the person in the back seat. Devon, not being very wise in the ways of the world (he's fairly fresh from Heaven) was asleep before he realised it. The Vapulans went through his belongings, passed his identifications on to Rivet, and stashed him in a safe hiding place. More on Devon later.

Rivet showed up at the local (non-Tether) Jean-rendezvous, showed his identification, and was accepted as the new Seraph. In about two days something is going to be spotted as wrong in the reports he's filing, and an Investigation will descend. However, he's planning to be off before then...

The Enemy's Schemes

In a day or two, Rivet is going to stage an artistic kidnapping of himself-as-Devon, suitable to tie up most of Jean's local organisation and any other angels in the neighbourhood in investigation while - the other end of town - the Vapulans use the captured Devon in a new and non-beta-tested experiment involving forcible angelic Essence extraction and nuclear power. (No, I'm not sure what they _are_ doing, but it's nasty, Devon isn't going to survive it, and any captured angels are welcome additional test subjects). If it works, it'll hopefully create a new Tether to Vapula. Well, they hope it will.


Rivet's sense of humour is getting the better of him. Never trust a Kobalite. While fully wanting to see the Vapulan plan carried out, he can't resist giving the Malakite who's supposed to be "assigned to him" some missions for sheer humour value. Imagine, a Malakite of Jean sabotaging the local School's Science exhibit! You have to laugh.

Thierry is a shade dubious about the new "Seraph on the block", but is assuming that part of it is due to him being new to Earth and still not having quite got the hang of things. He hasn't thought to try using his Resonance on "Devon": after all, all his identification was in order, his Vessel matches the picture that they were faxed...

Rivet's plans are going to get more extreme, up to the point where he has to reluctantly drop things and fake a kidnapping - perhaps letting witnesses see him being dragged into the Andre-Tether the other end of town would be amusing...

**Flaming Feather**


Rivet, Balseraph of Kobal: specialising in mistaken identity dark jokes. He's been recruited by the local Vapulans with promises of Essence and amusement. He also values his own skin, and will skip town - possibly without stopping to warn the Vapulans - if things go badly wrong.

Devon, Captured Seraph of Jean: currently with a collar that stops him going Celestial, and inconveniently restrained and drained of Essence. ("Hey, guys, let's try those new angel-restraints we were inventing last week!") He is plotting escape, though with little success, and has noted that the Vapulans are making little effort to convert him - which makes him very worried about what they _are_ planning for him. New to Earth, enthusiastic, feeling guilty about his current situation.

Thierry, Hard-Working Malakite of Jean: one of those conscientious and reliable types who's used to taking orders from the Seraph in charge. Beginning to worry about this, for the first time in a very long time. "Devon" is new to Earth, of course, and inexperienced, but some of these missions...

Calamity, Lilim of Vapula: the current director of Vapulan operations in the neighbourhood, affecting horn-rimmed glasses and wearing her hair in a bun and her clothes severe. While she is not personally the inventor of The Device, she put together this plan, and will be as amoral and vicious as necessary to make sure it works. Don't forget the Gas Taxi.

The Device

It's big. It crackles with electricity and strange lights. There are places where you can strap people into it, and attach electrodes and the like to them. There are big levers and dials. It's been set up somewhere in the cellars of a local set of laboratories or something. It may not work, but it'll probably kill (or drain to shrivelled wrecks) anyone put in it. Think mad scientist.

**Flaming Feather**

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