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Here's a campaign seed that might be of use.

Wow. That is really very good indeed.

However, I am opposed to having my Superior Fall. So...

Michael is the Archangel of War. Not *the* War, but close. He might be mightiest of the Seraphim, but he is also very, very wordbound. (Also, is it just me, or is the picture very reminiscent of Highlander from the series? I digress.) Michael's resonance is for Truth, and for War. He knows the Truth about War. He knows that the angels are going to lose if things continue as they are.

The Archangel of War cannot believe that this is God's Will. Neither, come to that, could any of the other Superiors. Except Yves.

Yves knows that Heaven must lose the War, that otherwise the universe will never reach its Destiny. When Heaven loses, it won't involve the destruction of the earth. No, most of the Superiors will Fall. Michael will go soon, Laurence's obsession with the Catholic Church will help *him* along, and so on. Dominic is so close that Yves can taste it. Of course, most of the Host will also Fall. Not all of it, true, but the overwhelming majority.

However, the Soldiers of God will not. They will continue fighting, and, with a little help from the few remaining angels, they can redeem the demons. All of them. Unless Heaven Falls, however, the older demons, and especially Lucifer, will never Redeem. They must cease to see their Fallen state as a virtue, and they cannot do that while they need it to contrast themselves to the unfallen Host.

Yves plans for everyone to Redeem. Eventually.

A few sidelights: Uriel was recalled because the Angel of Purity would not Fall. He had to be taken out of circulation somehow, and that was it. Eli deserted in an attempt to start training some angels to pay less attention to their Superiors, after he found out about the destiny. He reckons it'll be more comfortable sliding slowly into Hell's grasp. (Yves thinks that Eli will be the last Superior to Fall, because at the moment he is trying to Fall because that is God's will. It doesn't work.) And Janus is the first success of the new policy.

This would, obviously, work best in a Soldiers campaign, where the Soldiers find themselves fighting to redeem their erstwhile Superiors. It could also work for a group of Angels who find themselves among the Remnant, dodging demons all over the place while fighting the uphill struggle.

And there remains the possibility that Yves will fail.

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